6 Ways to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedroom Effectively

6 Ways to Decorate Your Kids’ Bedroom Effectively

Sans the overwhelming mess that is about to come, we think most parents agree that it is quite fun to decorate your kid’s bedroom. With all the colors that we can play with, it feels like we are back to being kids, too! You will find lots of inspiration and styles online, but this might mix it all up together.

You and your kid might feel overstimulated because of the excessive decorations. If you worry about this and are clueless about the right way to design your kids’ rooms, this article is for you. Today, we are going to talk about tips and tricks for decorating your kids’ bedroom. Check this out!

1. Plan your storage

We initially mentioned already that kids’ bedroom will soon look like it has run over by a tornado because of all the toys and other mess that children have.

You can go stress-free and prevent this by properly planning the right kids bedroom storage. Of course, a big part of the tidying up will be how you teach your kids to clean up after their mess. But it is also crucial that their bedroom will make it easier for them to stay organized. For example, have playful storage solutions like having wheeled shelves that allow kids to put away their toys wherever they are.

2. Consider their age

How you would design your kids’ bedroom will obviously vary depending on their age group. The needs of a toddler differ from that of a grade-schooler. You will also consider here the size of the furniture used. For a baby, of course, you would not need many toys because they could not even hold them yet.

Although it is necessary to have the right decoration that will help develop your baby’s senses. For a toddler, keep sharp edges and hard surfaces away. Choose toys that will aid your kid’s development. This can be the same for preschoolers, although they will have more complicated toy choices. Once your kid grows older, they would now need a study table right for their size.

3. Fix freestanding shelves, cabinets, and others

It is every parent’s nightmare for large cabinets or shelves to topple down on their helpless kid. You should also consider that since they are kids, they will be quite playful. They might climb on these big shelves or any other units.

Once you are having a baby, make sure to secure freestanding shelves or any other units. Aside from being functional, your furniture must not be too light or too heavy. If something feels like shaking, make sure to secure it right away to avoid future accidents.

4. Install accessible storage

It will help your kids to learn to organize their things if it is easy for them to do so. You can help with this by installing storage that is accessible to them. Their storage should not be too high up it will be difficult for them to reach it. You can consider storage below their beds. Built-in shelves that look decorative and engaging can also help.

5. Install a chalkboard or an art center

Save your walls by setting up a surface that your child is free to draw on. Some parents now install big and reachable chalkboards for their kids to doodle on. Plan out how this will be interactive for your kid. Aside from saving your wallpaper or paint job, you also get to nurture your kid’s creativity. Make sure to buy washable paint or pens. Aside from a chalkboard, you can also get an easel.

6. Use a balance of colors

This tip is the fun part. For decorating your kids’ bedroom, use bright colors, patterns, and more! Add their favorite cartoon characters or fun animals that will make them feel reassured. The design too will depend on the interests of your kid and their gender. If your girl and boy are sharing rooms, use patterns, neutral colors, and graphics instead.

Just make sure to balance out your kids’ room decoration, because too much of this will make it overstimulating for your child. This means that since your kid is still little and their mind and senses are still young, it will be harder for their brain to take in more information. Research says that this may cause behavior problems and other concerns to a child.

Get the right furniture and storage solutions for your kids

We are just as excited as you now that you are set on decorating your kids’ bedroom! With these tips, we hope that we have helped you well. You will need the right furniture and items for decorating your children’s room. You can check out storables.com to see if you have anything you need. They offer interesting and fun shelves, storage bins, and more!

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