Gun Storage: How to Properly Store Your Firearms

Gun ownership has become an integral part of our society. Almost every US home has a gun or two hidden somewhere in the property for either sporting purposes or personal defense. It’s a right supported by the 2nd amendment of the US constitution allowing its citizens to keep and bear arms.

This law has been controversial and often debated by politicians and supporters alike on the opposite ends. After all, high-powered firearms, falling in the wrong hands, can be used to cause mayhem and horrific mass shooting incidents. However, no one can argue about the difference it could make in a life or death situation.

A legally acquired firearm can be used to defend yourself and your family against an aggressor. But, more importantly, it’s a deterrent against crime—a great equalizer since criminals don’t carry water guns. Moreover, for gun enthusiasts, the process of building their own firearm adds another layer of engagement with their right to bear arms. These enthusiasts often start with a specific part known as a partially completed frame or receiver, called 80% lowers by gun builders and firearm enthusiasts, which allows for a personalized approach to firearm assembly and customization.

The Importance of Properly Storing Your Firearms at Home 

While guns are intended for the preservation of our normal way of life, mishandling and improper storage could also be disastrous and spell trouble for the same people that you intend to defend with them. Imagine a six-year-old boy discovering an unattended loaded gun inside his parent’s bedroom while playing. Thinking it’s a mere toy, there’s a possibility that he would point it to someone in the household and pull the trigger. Accidents like this aren’t too far-fetched, and there have been several cases like this in the past.

Gun-related accidents and deaths as such are preventable and avoiding them starts with responsible acts from gun owners. We are already past the time when gun owners could get away with propping their firearm for home defense unsafely in the bedroom corner or on top of a drawer.

After learning from various gun-related accidents, many of which involved injury and death, the Child Access Prevention Law has imposed criminal liability to gun owners for negligent storage. While this law varies from state to state, it’s imperative for you to be aware of what it generally entails. 

The good news? There are solutions that can help us safely store our firearms and keep them from unauthorized access. These include a gun cabinet, gun case, or gun safe. Below, we have curated some of the best gun storage options available in the market today. 

6 Best Gun Cabinets

1. SentrySafe Gun Case 

A classic design that integrates modern technology, this gun case uses biometric identification for the lock. It means your registered fingerprint is the only way to open it. Nevertheless, a keypad can be used as an alternative in case of an emergency. This model is available in two variations: one that can accommodate just one gun and the other that’s spacious enough for two. 

2. Stack-on 18 Best Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet provides more storage for just a single gun. This steel gun cabinet, in particular, can hold up to 18 rifles or shotguns. It’s also equipped with a removable shelf which you can modify to better accommodate your collection. 

3. Amazon Basics Security Safe 

For a little more than $70, you get a safe place to store your compact gun. It is equipped with a battery-powered keypad, but in case of a power outage, you can use the two override keys to access its contents. However, the more interesting feature is the indicator that shows whether it’s locked or not. The body is made of high-quality steel for added safety and durability, and it also has adjustable panels inside for customization. 

4. Hornady Best Gun Cabinet 

Cushion in gun cabinets is a great way to protect your guns from scratch and damage, and this cabinet from Hornady offers just that. It’s a well-built cabinet that’s guaranteed tamperproof. It also comes with a three-foot steel cable that weighs 1500 you can attach to anything to keep them from being stolen. 

5. GunVault Multi Vault Pistol Safe 

This safe can hold a gun and a few accessories with no complications. Its straightforward construction and streamlined design are contrasted with the various recovery methods it offers in case you forget your passcode—the primary method to access your firearms. 

Storing your gun unloaded with a trigger lock in a combination safe and in a room separate from your ammunition, while arguably safer, isn’t practical. What’s the point of having a home defense instrument if it’s not easily accessible during an invasion? 

It’s why having proper and safe storage for your gun and ammunition with quick access is better. It’s now even a mandatory requirement before being given permission to bear a firearm. You should evaluate and consider the type of weapon you have before purchasing a gun safe or cabinet. 


Defending our family and property is a valid reason to secure a firearm. It is a given right to every law-abiding citizen. Americans had been carrying weapons almost throughout their early history out of necessity. But, with power comes greater responsibility—a sentiment that can’t be any truer when what you have in possession is something that can easily take lives. 

Choosing the appropriate storage also means considering the specific type of firearms you own; for instance, owners of compact vs subcompact pistols will have different space and accessibility requirements for their safe storage solutions.

While a gun is something that nobody would want to use on any day, it gives you assurance and protection should the situation dictate otherwise. All that’s left for you to do is to make sure that you store it in a safe place where only you can easily access it. 

What are your thoughts about proper gun storage? Which of these gun storage solutions appeal to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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