How to Use Instagram Highlights

By now, few people have missed Instagram Stories, when Instagram took the best of Snapchat and implemented it on its own platform. When you upload an Instagram Story it is possible to save it directly to your profile page under a so-called Instagram Highlights. Ordinary Stories are only saved for 24 hours before they disappear. If you have created some really good and interesting Instagram Stories, then you can save it so that your followers can always access it at any time This is what is called Instagram highlights.

Add Instagram Stories to Highlights

Go to your profile and press the plus sign in the profile, which says “new”. Choose which of your Stories you want to include in the highlight. Highlight these and press next.

Enter a title for your Highlight. Here you can also choose which cover image you want for the specific Highlight. Choose either an already uploaded image, or upload one directly from your gallery. Done!

You can use Instagram Highlights to save news so that they are always easily accessible to your followers. Choose which types of content or information you want to display for your followers and profile visitors. Think about what information is important to new visitors to know about you and your company.

Show inspiration in Instagram Highlights

To create added value for those who access your profile, you can save inspirational posts such as Highlights. For example, Instagram accounts with a food focus usually include recipes in different categories such as Highlights. This makes it easier for followers to find recipes in a particular category than if they had to scroll through the flow in the profile to find a specific post or recipe.

Showcase products in Instagram Highlights

A great way to use Instagram highlights is to showcase your company’s products. Here, you can put up e.g. product news and products you want people to pay a little extra attention to. For those accounts that have the Swipe up feature for their stories, it is perfect to have a direct link to the product you are showing! To have the “Swipe up” link function, you need to have a minimum of 10,000 followers.

One of the disadvantages (or benefits, depending on how you see it) with Instagram is that you cannot have multiple links in your bio and also not create direct links in the caption in your post. So if your account has the Swipe up feature, you can put links directly into each Story, instead of having to refer to a link in your profile text. Categorize products in different Highlights to make your visitors easily find the products they are interested in!

The appearance of Instagram Highlights varies between different accounts, but the most common is that you have photographs or illustrations as cover art.

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