How to Generate More Customers with Social Media

How to Generate More Customers with Social Media

Social media is not just for individuals or large companies with strong brands. For you as a small business, there is much to be gained from being visible and active in social media. And it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Today, many are small business owners. Whether you are a craftsman, a hairdresser or a consultant, your personal brand and the company will be one and the same. When customers are looking for a suitable company for the next assignment, you will gain a lot by being easy to find and have a clear offer.

Your brand consists of three components: you should be easy to find, easy to understand, and obvious to choose. Being clear in choosing means that you clearly communicate that you meet your target group’s preferences and needs. It makes it easy to make the decision to hire you.

Know your industry

Being on the right social media platform for your industry makes it easy to find and discover when a potential customer is looking for someone to hire. And when you apply for assignments, you can link to your page on, for example, Facebook or Instagram to show that you are a serious business with the right skills and knowledge.

The first step towards creating a strong digital presence is to think a little about your job market. Where are your customers or potential employers? This determines which social media you should choose to appear in and how to build your brand.

Instagram for the beauty industry

If you work in an industry such as beauty, food, garden fashion or interior design, the Instagram platform is perfect thanks to its visual focus. There, you can show off what you have to offer and inspire others.

If you are a hairdresser, it is perfect to put a before and after picture for each customer. Nothing speaks so much to your skills as image proof. By working with hashtags, your posts can be discovered by people who are interested in what you offer.

The craftsman on Youtube

If you work as a craftsman, with technology, crafts or machines, Youtube can be good for displaying tips and instructional videos in your area. Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine for Google, and Youtube videos are also given high priority in Google’s search results.

In other words: if someone is looking for a skilled craftsman for a kitchen renovation, you can catch them with the help of a video on how to best attach a countertop etc.

The consultant gets a job via Linkedin

For freelance consultants, Linkedin is, of course, an important channel for making contacts and showing off which clients you have had and what you can do.

Facebook is a must for everyone

For most industries, a basic presence on Facebook is also a great start. Simply a must. Having a company page on Facebook with all the basic information and contact information is a simple way to make it easy to find and contact you.´

Also, encourage your satisfied customers to rate you on Facebook – the highest rating definitely gives you a boost.

How to get more customers through social media

1. Start a business page on Facebook.

You don’t have to be super active and make lots of posts. But make sure you create a page and enter your phone number, email and address.

Also, write a simple description of what your business does. Clarity is super important. If it is relevant to you, you can also enter, for example, a price list, information about your previous assignments or similar. All to make it easy for the customer to choose you.

2. Use hashtags on Instagram

By finding and using the right hashtags for your particular area, brand new customers can find your content on Instagram. Many Instagram users follow hashtags in, for example, decor, beauty, travel or food. And if your posts use these hashtags, they can get a lot of reach from potential customers

3. Use pictures

No matter what platform you work with, photos or movie clips are often the best way to give your potential customers a sense of who you are and what you can do. If visitors can see how you look and how you work, it creates a confidence and trust that makes it easier for them to get in touch.

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