Why You Should Use An SEO Agency To Help Your Business

As an online business owner, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration to ensure its success. And SEO is precisely one of those things that can either make or break your business, depending on how you use it.

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly common for business owners to hire SEO specialists from various SEO agencies responsible for delivering both short-term and long-term SEO strategies and getting optimal results.

These specialists tend to have extensive SEO and digital marketing experience and stay up to date with all the latest techniques and tools to ensure they are aware of countless search algorithm changes happening every year.

So if you want to get your business on the first page of Google and have it discovered by a lot of potential customers, you need an efficient organic SEO strategy, which you will be provided with if you decide to entrust the right SEO specialists with this task.

If you are still unsure about how SEO works as well as how an SEO agency can help you, read on to learn all the essential information so you’ll know what to expect from hiring an SEO agency.

SEO Strategy

SEO agencies will thoroughly review your site and build a personalized plan based on your business goals. They will review your content strategy and on-page optimization, as well as your backlink profile and perform a full SEO audit to check for any technical problems.

So a brief example of an ongoing SEO strategy might look like this:

  • Writing and optimising the entire monthly content targeted to recent trends and long-tail keywords in the industry.
  • Acquiring relevant, high-quality backlinks for service/product pages as well as the home page on a monthly basis.
  • Selection as well as mapping of all the targeted keywords for service pages and the home page to optimise (on-page) based on the keywords targeted.
  • Improving UX and home page content by adding some additional content blocks.
  • Improving page speed for each individual page that is already ranking on Google’s 1st page.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things an SEO Agency will review-

  1. Google Analytics structure audit and analysis
  2. Goals audit & setup
  3. Console structure audit and analysis
    • Identifying sitemap issues
    • Identifying any blocked pages by Robots.txt
    • Identifying any “Errors” or “Warnings” caused by Robots.txt
    • Manual action check
  4. Metadata audit 
    • Missing/duplicate image alt text
    • Missing/duplicate H1s
    • Missing/duplicate title tags
    • Missing/duplicate meta descriptions
  5. Identify pages that contain thin content
  6. Identify toxic backlinks
  7. Identify broken links
  8. Duplicate content audit
  9. Fixing hreflang errors
  10. Determining superfluous pages/index bloat 
  11. Identifying JavaScript issues
  12. Page speed audit for both desktop and mobile
  13. Existing redirect chains check
  14. Check for orphaned pages
  15. Optimising crawl depth
  16. Existing canonical errors check

The Timeline of SEO Activities

SEO is an ongoing process that requires a holistic and strategic approach combined with the skills and knowledge to implement it successfully. The wrong implementation of SEO can negatively affect your Google ranking and consequently your business. Therefore, it’s important to do it right. And that’s why it’s the duty of the SEO agency to put in place a well-thought-out plan that ensures everything goes as well as it can. 

Take a closer look at a timeline of SEO activities to better understand what you might see from your SEO agency:

Zero-Three Months

  • Setting the target keyword list
  • Competitor monitoring and analysis
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Build a twelve-month SEO campaign strategy
  • Setting up redirects if needed
  • Google Search Console setup as well as monitoring
  • Setting KPIs and goals
  • Monitoring of organic traffic performance
  • On-page SEO audits
  • Creating a content calendar that spans twelve months
  • Monthly detailed reports combined with insights setup

Three-Six Months

  • Analysing the results of the previous three months
  • Identifying focus for the next three months
  • Technical SEO audit along with fixes
  • On-page SEO optimisations
  • Backlink audit as well as clean up
  • Identifying focus for the next three months
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Working on content writing
  • Backlinks to the key pillar pages
  • Updating content on each key pillar page
  • Advice on any potential growth opportunities for your business

Six-Nine Months

  • Analysing the results of the previous three months
  • Identifying focus for the next three months
  • Strategy update, if needed
  • KPI and goals review
  • Blog/article writing
  • On-page SEO optimisations
  • Content gap analysis along with their fixes
  • Internal linking
  • Focusing on keywords on page 2 in order to bring them onto page 1
  • Auditing website speed and applying fixes
  • Re-submitting URLs for being fetched by Google
  • Fixing new technical issues, if any

Eight-Twelve Months

  • Analysing the results of the previous three months
  • Identifying focus for the next three months
  • Backlinks to the key pillar pages
  • User experience optimisations
  • Targeting significantly higher search volume keywords
  • KPI and goals review
  • Pushing keywords on the first page to move them higher toward position one
  • Advance schema markups, such as FAQs, reviews, etc.
  • Longtail keyword opportunities
  • Voice SEO
  • Target setting for the next twelve months

How To Monitor Results?

SEO agencies usually provide you with monthly reports that can track your keyword rankings across all major search engines. The reports also track your website’s movements every month for the chosen keywords. Furthermore, you can also directly contact the specialists if you have questions or need more information.

How Long Do You Have To Wait Before You Start Obtaining Results From SEO?

Usually, you can start seeing results within three to six months. But in other cases, it may happen even sooner. It typically depends on your current online presence, website, and competitors.

Why You Should Choose The SEO Agency For Your Business in Adelaide

If you are not an SEO expert yourself or simply prefer to focus on your other business tasks, you should hire an Adelaide SEO company so that they can handle SEO for you. You can talk to SEO specialists about your business goals and the main things they need to give special attention to. Once you do this, they will consider your requirements and expectations so they can deliver the most optimal results for your business.

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