What Is Programmatic Marketing And What Do You Need To Know About It?

Marketing is an essential part of a business as this is how companies can promote their products and their services to customers. There are several different marketing strategies out there and the modern days have seen an increase in the use of programmatic marketing. Programmatic marketing is essentially an automated approach to purchasing and selling adverts. This method simplifies transactions as it streamlines the entire process. 

This may be a beneficial strategy to implement as part of your business model, therefore it is worth understanding the topic so you can make a decision as to whether to use it and use it correctly.

This article will discuss what programmatic marketing is and what you need to know about it so that you learn about this as well as possible and implement it within your marketing strategies. 

How Does Programmatic Marketing Work? 

If you want to implement this strategy into your business, the first thing you need to understand is the jargon associated with it. Once you start researching the topic, you may find the number of terms used overwhelming, if you do not know their meaning. Unfortunately, you must take the time to learn and understand each one. Below are some examples of terms that are widely used within the programmatic marketing subject: 

  • Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

A supply-side platform (SSP) is an online platform, or software, that allows a web publisher to manage and monitor their marketing inventory by filling it with ads and collecting revenue. As it happens autonomously, its publisher has increased control over the inventory. 

  • Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

The DSP is the opposite of the SSP discussed above, as this is a system that enables advertisers to purchase ads with the support of automation. This is a highly popular marketing tool due to its power and enabling advertisers to buy high-quality traffic among several networks in real-time This increases the likelihood of expansion whilst ensuring that your budget is met. There are plenty of DSPs, so you will need to conduct proper research to ensure that you choose the correct one for your needs. 

  • Ad exchange

An ad exchange is an online market where publishers, advertisers, and agencies go to buy and sell ad inventory. The publisher’s SSP provides the ad exchange platform with inventory and the DSP manages the ad purchasing. This system is beneficial to the publishers as it provides them with a large pool of advertisers. The publishers benefit from connecting to an ad exchange with SSP to reach a large pool of advertisers.

How to Implement Programmatic Advertising Well

If you want to use this approach, you must know how to implement it correctly so that you get the most out of it. There may be many benefits to programmatic marketing, but you may only see them if you are taking the appropriate action and know what you are doing. If you want to improve your approach, make sure to use the tips discussed below: 

  • Learn About This Approach

Having a deep understanding of any marketing strategy ensures that you can make the most of it and fully reap the benefits. There are plenty of online resources offering programmatic advertising that you can use to learn. You can also hire a professional team to support you with this, rather than doing it on your own. 

  • Divide Your Audience Into Micro Segments

The approach of micro-segmentation refers to the process of separating your audience into reduced groups, depending on their characteristics. This could include demographics, previous purchases, and even interests. By following this process you are essentially targeting specific groups with precision rather than targeting a wider audience. This enables you to develop ads that are more relevant to them and they will be more likely to respond positively. You must know that although this is highly beneficial, it can also be time-consuming. You must have a good knowledge of who your target audience is and what similar characteristics they have to separate them into different groups. 

  • Let Users Create Their Own Products 

You are able to allow users to design their own products and provide ads based on their preferences. For example, if a customer visits your site and searches for a specific item, colour, and type, you can program your system to automatically target this particular customer with ads specific to the product they want. This way companies are able to sell custom-made products and target specific ads to customers individually. 

  • Run a Retargeting Campaign

When thinking of marketing, business owners often want to reach as many new people as possible as the main goal. However, this is not always the best strategy. Promoting a product to an audience that has displayed an interest in it simplifies the process for you. If a customer has visited your webpage and searched for a particular product, you can retarget them with ads for it. You can even offer customers a discount to encourage them to make a purchase. 

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

For businesses to make the decision as to whether they should use programmatic advertising, they must understand the benefits of this approach and what they can get from it. Some of the benefits of programmatic marketing are as below: 

  • It Is Scalable and Flexible

Programmatic marketing strategies are scalable in relation to the expenditure, which makes it beneficial and useful for even small businesses. Even start-ups with a tight budget can make use of this approach as you can put a monetary cap on the ad campaigns so that you do not go over your set budget and you can be flexible with this budget as it can be changed whenever you deem appropriate.

  • Large Reach  

This approach enables access to several marketers. As you know, there are millions of web pages, which provide a large ad space and a more broad audience to be reached. This makes it one of the more efficient marketing approaches, compared to other popular strategies. 

  • Transparency 

If you are considering using this marketing strategy, you may be pleased to know that it allows for a considerably high level of transparency as marketers have full visibility of their campaigns. Anyone using this can monitor the websites that use their ads as well the type of audience that is being targeted and how much they are getting in return of investment. 

  • Real-Time Data

With programmatic advertising, you are able to receive real-time data to monitor what is going on with your ads. All the information you receive is in real-time so you have exact details of what you need to know.

Having a strong marketing plan in place is essential for any business. You should make use of technology and the digital world to automate your strategies. Programmatic marketing is an example of a marketing strategy that you can certainly benefit from. Be sure to make use of the information provided on this page so that you learn about this.

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