Top Useful Hacks That Will Make Your Videos More Attractive

As a video creator, you will always be striving to create more professional-looking videos all the time. Even if you have great content, and you are a good orator, people may still not be watching your videos.

The main reason is that viewers are not finding your videos attractive or appealing, and they don’t even open your videos to check if the content is good or not. Here you can look at a few hacks on how to make your videos more attractive. 

Use a Solid or Clean Background

Messy or distracting backgrounds are the least attractive ones. A good professional-looking video has a clean background. You can simply set up in front of a solid color wall, hang a bedsheet or a large backdrop sheet behind you. Solid backgrounds are not your only option, you can choose a clean and professional place.

For instance, you can use your home office for videos that are more chatty or informative, or you can use your walk-in closet for fashion and clothing tips videos. Whichever setup you choose, if it’s not a solid background, make sure that your background is clean and organized before shooting.

You should avoid having a reflective surface, like windows and mirrors behind you while filming so that the camera doesn’t show in your video and that the reflected light or the light from the window doesn’t darken the subject and make them look shadowy. 

Good and Simple Video Editing

Good editing is crucial when it comes to professional videos. Having good editing software is an asset that you will need to make your videos look more organized and attractive. Good video editing software can be determined based on the features it has. It should allow you to add text to your videos and should also have an option to trim or crop videos.

It should have filters, overlays, and good scene transitions. Good editing doesn’t mean excessive editing, try to keep it simple with the edits. You can add a filter and a few texts here and there but try not to go overboard. A few necessary edits to make are to cut out background noises and help sharpen your voice. You should cut out any awkward pauses, add background music to your transitions (pay attention to copyrights) and adjust the lighting if necessary. 

Transcribe Your Videos

Transcribing a video is the process where you transform the audio of your video into text. You can search for ways to transcribe a YouTube video to text to help your audience have a better experience. There are three main reasons to transcribe your videos. It is a proven fact that transcribed videos get more views and attention from the audience.

A transcripted video can be reached by more people as it gets easier for them to search for keywords, and you allow people to interact and comprehend the information in the videos to their best abilities. A major reason to transcribe a video is to help more audiences understand you and be able to interact with your videos, like people with low hearing abilities.

Clear Audio

A very useful hack is to invest in a good mic even if it means having a lower quality video camera. People mostly care about the audio quality and sharpness and don’t really mind watching videos that aren’t HD and maybe are a little grainy.

If your audio is not sharp, clear, and has no background noise, your audience will only be a few seconds in your video and then hit exit. You can find decent options for under $100, and you should browse for tips on how to get your audio recording right and how to correctly edit any background noise or cracking in your voice.

Plan Your Videos

A very good tip is to plan your video ahead. You shouldn’t start the camera and then decide what you’re going to say in a non-organized, random way. You should plan your video in accordance with what topic you’ll be discussing, what information you’ll be sharing, and how long the video is going to be. Right down bullet points to remind yourself of every piece of information and place small notes in front of you that you can glance at every once in a while and not make it seem obvious. 

Despite the importance of having your videos seem appealing to the viewers, don’t solely focus on having an attractive-looking video and forget about the content. A very important thing to focus on is to have good lighting in your video and a good angle too. You can read about the rule of thirds to help you understand how you can get the best angle.

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