The Importance of White-Hat Link Building

Link building continues to be one of the most robust search engine optimization (SEO) tools, with good reason. And that is the simple fact that it is a highly effective way to get search engines to notice websites.  

So precisely, how does link building work? Well, for beginners, the fundamentals are deceptively simple. The idea is to get another website, preferably a high authority one, to create hyperlinks with another. Correct implementation of link building tactics can result in better brand visibility, higher website traffic, and, ultimately, conversions. 

Stay with us as we demystify white-hat link building, while elaborating on its importance.   

Avoid Search Engine Penalties with White-Hat Link Building Tactics

So why did we use the word deceptively simple to describe the fundamentals of link building above? The reality for most digital marketers is that link building remains one of the most challenging parts of SEO. A thin, sometimes obscure line exists between white-hat link building and black-hat link building practices. That is why it is a good idea to outsource link-building to the experts for optimal results. 

When it comes to link building, think about the angel and demon that sits on either shoulder, whispering into the ears. The angel, in this case, white-hat link building, is all about using ethical practices to get links to a website. Some ways to do it are by earning editorial links or guest posts to high authority sites. 

 On the other end is black hat link building tactics. These refer to any practice that aims at manipulating search engine algorithms. Google has a whole list of what it refers to as link building schemes that any digital marketer worth their salt should be familiar with. 

Some black-hat tactics include:-

  • Selling or buying links
  • Scratch my back; I will do the same to yours, resulting in excessive link exchanges
  • Low-quality links from Private Blog Networks (PBN)
  • The use of automation to build links, and more

 Avoid black-hat link building to avoid google penalties. 

White-Hat Link Building Removes the Obscurity of Grey Hat Link Building

Remember we also used the word obscure above? Well, sometimes, marketers may use gray-hat link building tactics. That is the less defined middle line that includes a subtle level of manipulation but not enough to violate search engine guidelines.  

Think about it like skirting on the borders of propriety when it comes to link building. A good example would be sending out a press release with the aim of getting links, as opposed to sharing newsworthy content. Stay on the safe side by learning about the most beneficial SEO backlinks. 

Better Search Engine Rankings with White Link Building

Organic link building is an excellent example of PR, whose strength lies in third-party endorsements. That is why a staggering 93% of shoppers will read online reviews before buying a product or service. 

 So, how does that apply to white-hat link building? Well, editorial links from high authority sites like Forbes are an endorsement of trust, relevance, and credibility. Such websites would not stake their reputation by accepting linking requests from disreputable or low-authority websites. 

And there is the bonus that the search engines will also take notice resulting in good rankings. More people clicking on the link means more organic traffic to the website, further indicating the site’s relevance to online visitors.  

White-Hat Link Building as an Aid to Showcasing Industry Authority 

White-hat link building techniques like guest posts and editorial links are a sure way of establishing industry authority. High-quality backlinks signal to search engines that the website is a valuable information source within a specific niche. And thus, the emphasis on getting high-quality backlinks from high-authority sites. 

It is essential to reiterate that white-hat link building is not simple, and only SEO experts should handle it. Generating quality content that resonates with audiences requires much research to determine what is relevant. Please note that value is the most critical factor every site must offer online visitors.  

Harness the Power of White-Hat Link Building

White-hat link building is a robust SEO tool that can elevate a brand’s presence in the cluttered online space. The trick to harnessing its power lies in properly implementing the tactics. Guest posts, editorial links, participation in industry events, unlinked brand mentions, and 404 link reclamation are some effective tactics. Yet, it is vital to take note of search engine guidelines to avoid penalties.  

We end this article with a point we have touched on above. Please outsource link building to the experts for maximum returns.

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