Restaurant Logos: How to Create one and What to Think About

You are just getting started with a new restaurant – or maybe your restaurant needs a revamp. Why does your restaurant need a logo? What are the elements of a logo? How can you create your restaurant logo?

Why does my restaurant need a logo?

1. Your logo is the first thing a customer will see about your restaurant

They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Your logo is the first your customer will ever see about your restaurant – be sure they enter with a good impression.

2. Logos are directly connected to attracting your customers

Everyone is well familiar with McDonalds’ golden arches. Our human brains automatically associate logos with past experiences – after your customer has visited once, they will automatically associate the feeling of their experience with their logo. The logo may be what convinces them to return!

3. Logos = Memorability

People remember what they see. The more visible your logo is, the most likely they are to remember it and, by extension, your restaurant!

4. Logos communicate your message

You have only to think of your favorite restaurant to know what exactly they stand for. Golden arches? McDonald’s fast food. Green mermaid? Starbucks. Your logo will tell your customers what to expect… and what you stand for.

5. Stand out from competitors

Depending on your restaurant’s niche, you may not be a very unique restaurant in your area. There are other fast food places, other ethnic restaurants, other high-end restaurants. The only thing setting you apart from your competitors at first glance is your logo.

What should my logo include?

1. Differentiation

Know your competitors. How is your restaurant different? How can you demonstrate these differences via your logo?

2. Typeface

What fonts will you use? Will you use previously available fonts, or customize new ones for your own business?

3. Storytelling

How can you tell the story of your products via your logo? Can your logo design be intrinsically connected to your products and foods?

4. Shapes

What shapes will you use in your logo? How can they fulfill the purposes from Points #1-4? 

5. Color

How can the color of your logo be different from that of your competitors, yet still be connected to your products and services? What colors have positive associations?

How to create a restaurant logo

If you are reading through this article my guess is that you are not a professional designer, huh?

If so, don’t worry – there are multiple ways to create a logotype for your restaurant nowadays.

    • It can be an online store of pre-made logotypes (I like – website might be a bit ugly, but hey, they have a huge library of 5000+ logos to choose from, including Restaurant Logos of course), 
    • some sort of logotype builder,
    • a design agency (as GRIN tech 🙂
    • or a graphic designer on a site such as Fiverr or Upwork

Whatever option you choose to go with just keep in mind the recommendations above and your logo will look sharp and will contribute to your restaurant brand identity a big time.

To sum it up

Your logo is an essential part of your restaurant. It provides the customer’s first impression, causes memorability, and brings the customers back for a second visit. The elements may – and likely should – involve differentiation, typeface, storytelling, shapes, and color. And your logo may be designed through a multitude of different mediums online, to present the ideal design, tailored to the needs of your specific restaurant.


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Dmitrii B. is the CEO and founder of GRIN tech – a full-cycle digital agency doing design, marketing, and development alongside white-label agency & media outreach solutions.

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