6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Still A Good Strategy

6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Is Still A Good Strategy

Nowadays, there are so many ways a business can put themselves out there, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is connecting with the customer and building a connection.

It’s only logical that most people nowadays use their phones for everything they do, from calls and social media to Googling things and shopping – modifying your marketing strategy and making it mobile friendly is always a good idea and boosts your traffic! So here are 6 more reasons why SMS marketing is still a good strategy!

1. It’s straightforward

When thinking about marketing strategies and what makes them actually good – it’s not about fancy Instagram posts and flashy commercials, it’s about sending a straightforward message in the most effortless way possible and grabbing the customer’s attention! There is also a reason why people dislike emails altogether and find them annoying, whilst messages are more natural and are less likely to be instantly deleted by the viewer. The SMS marketing strategy is simple, yet impactful and that’s all you’d want out of a good marketing plan, your main objective is to alert the customer and let them know that you are there! 

2.Readability is high

You want to minimize the effort on both ends, it’s easy for you to use an auto SMS sender, but it’s also a good thing that these messages are short, easy to read – perfect for people who hate long and unreadable emails. With certain SMS services like Messente, you can actually customize and shape the text however you want – need it to be short and sweet? No problem! This is great as customers value efficiency and practicality – they can open up a message and get the link or pin you sent them without opening and logging into other apps! One quick look and it’s enough to do the job! 

3. It increases customer engagement

Smart marketing is not just letting your customers know about new product releases, promo codes, and sales – it’s about including the customer and making them feel valid. When opting for SMS marketing, you are one step closer to establishing a good customer-business relationship, as customer engagement is extremely important! But on the other side, you don’t want to spam your customers and be overbearing – a simple text seems totally organic and a good way to let them know that you are there without doing too much work. Your customers will be reminded of your business, in a way that’s natural to them, and what better way to do so than to use the most used communication system that’s in fact texting! 

5. It’s affordable

If you are an entrepreneur, someone running a small business, or even a big corporation – your goal should always be spending the least possible money on marketing whilst having a big impact.

Sure, it might seem impossible, but it actually isn’t! Back in the day billboards, commercials, flyers, and all that seemed like a good marketing idea, but it’s costly and not efficient enough. Now, SMS is a great way to actually reach your customers directly – and for cheap! A few cents a message is a lot cheaper than spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that won’t do the job!

6. The content is versatile

Using SMS for marketing is great for more reasons than one, apart from the obvious straightforwardness and practicality, don’t let its short form fool you, you can do plenty with one message! You can make the message as short or as long as you want! , you can also send pictures and even active links that might go straight to your website, or use them to promote sales and promo links your customers would love to use! This will definitely drive customers to your website and boost its traffic without doing much work!

7. You can gather data 

When it comes to marketing and actually getting through to your customers, being able to ensure that the message reaches them is a big plus so you can monitor the delivery! Most SMS services allow you to see if the message was delivered, confirming that the potential customer got it – no more lost emails that go straight to span, this way you can rest assured knowing that your customer got what you sent them! 

At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of business you are running, not all marketing strategies can work, some more than others, it’s all about testing the waters. By using SMS, you can easily and cheaply see this, and test how it works for your business! It’s all about thinking smart, not hard – so take this clever marketing strategy to your advantage!

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