3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss In Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss In Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Having a concrete influencer marketing strategy is the key to understanding what results you can expect and to be able to use the method correctly in your overall marketing throughout the year. Here we highlight the three most important parts you must include in your influencer marketing strategy.

Companies that were leaders in influencer marketing 2-3 years ago often tend to still do the same thing today. But the industry is even more rapidly changing than that – and working with influencers requires that you formulate and evaluate your plans year after year. When you develop your influencer marketing strategy, you must therefore have both a long-term mindset and a concrete method for how to work with influencers on an ongoing basis.

1. KPIs

Without KPIs and relevant key figures, it will not be possible to measure the effect on your marketing. This applies to all efforts (from Facebook advertising to TV advertising – you need to know exactly what purpose influencer marketing should fulfill and how you should evaluate the results). Be sure to adjust your KPIs over the year, depending on the different campaigns or periods you work from.

Read more about how to formulate the right KPIs in our guide “How to measure ROI on influencer marketing”.

Since influencer marketing is a relatively new marketing method, there is often uncertainty about what results one can actually expect. An influencer marketing agency can help you make a professional evaluation of how influencers can concretely deliver on your overall goals, and thus also help you pinpoint KPIs for your efforts.

2. Expected effect and ROI

Defining the results of your influencer initiatives, even before they have been implemented, is one of the most important things in order to be able to present a well-thought-out and useful strategy – both for the marketing department and the rest of the business. Cure Media has developed a special framework that can calculate in detail an estimate of the effect you can achieve with influencer marketing. With expected ROI, you also get a tool that is very useful for demonstrating results and justifying the value of influencer marketing internally – and why you should (or should not) invest a significant part of your total marketing budget in this.

3. Plan for activations

No strategy is complete without a concrete action plan! In the same way that you define when, how and in which TV channels your commercial should go, you must plan the arrangement for activations through influencer marketing. An influencer investment should not only include ad-hoc publishing, but require a detailed schedule to make it easier for both you and the profiles in question. They plan their working day, and you plan how the various publications will be distributed and run during the year. The companies that achieve lasting results work methodically and have a continuity with ongoing publications.

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