Is This a Golden Era for Marketing Productivity?

Is This a Golden Era for Marketing Productivity?

The marketing world in the US has been growing rapidly over the years.  Digital advertising has enabled marketers all over the US to record more sales and slash their advertising costs.  Today, nearly every marketer knows about emerging marketing channels such as intent data, podcasts, and artificial intelligence. These channels are way more effective than traditional advertising services such as newsletters, billboards, and print ads.

Such developments have gradually made marketing reach its peak in recent times. Furthermore, the developments have further raised concern over the possibility of an age of marketing productivity, considering the innovative research techniques in the digital advertising sphere.  Let’s see how digital promotion adds value to the business and whether this is a golden age of marketing and productivity.

Digital Marketing: The Past, The Present, and The Future

advertising has changed tremendously in recent years. In the past, businesses needed only a single meeting to craft an advertising strategy and draft their marketing budgets. Today, however, marketers have to adjust and modify their strategies according to new media, real-time client insights, and emerging advertising technologies and channels.

Nevertheless, even the most seasoned marketers these days can’t keep pace with the ever-changing marketing environment. Marketers cite lack of promotional skills, resources, and outdated technology as the main reasons for derailing their advertising efforts. 

In the future, online advertising will become the next billion-dollar business. Businesses will invest massively in cloud-based marketing solutions.  Such solutions include IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Faas. Marketers will face challenges in system integration and data processing.  The interfaces and tools that marketers are familiar with today will change drastically in the future. 

Promotional tools will combine both content creation and visualization capabilities in the coming years. Nonetheless, digital advertising will persist in the present and the future.

New Technologies and Tools to Boost Digital Transformation

Online marketing transformation is fundamental. The advertising world is changing dramatically as consumers’ expectations continue to soar. Hence, companies need to equip themselves with efficient and innovative digital promotional tools. The power of Google, Facebook, and Amazon proves how modern digital platforms are becoming a crucial part of digital marketing.  Here are emerging technologies and tools to help boost your digital promotion campaign:

  •         Collaborative Suites– These are some of the most effective digital transformation tools.  Today, marketers need mobility to access advertising resources and data all the time. A collaborative suite is ultimately a great tool to help you grow your digital marketing strategy and discover more insights into advertising.
  •         Communication Tools-Good communication is an essential part of a successful digital promotional campaign. Whether communication will be successful or not, it will have an impact on your marketing effort. It would be best to rely on communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack to create workgroups to make sure everyone in your advertising team takes part in digital marketing transformation.
  •         CRM tools– you can’t talk about successful digital marketing without mentioning customer relationship management (CRM) tools.  These tools help businesses to get real-time client insights and integrate them with their digital advertising campaigns.

 How to Create a Future-Proof Digital Marketing strategy This Year

 Creating a digital promotional strategy can be one of the daunting challenges for marketers. After all, we don’t know what the future holds for the digital advertising world. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can use to craft a future-proof digital marketing strategy in 2021.

  1.       Start with analyzing your marketing data-check your marketing data, and figure out what is working or not working for your advertising efforts. If your data doesn’t seem to work for you now, it won’t work for you in the future.
  2.       Analyze your competitors’ marketing efforts-It helps to check what your competitors are doing in their advertising efforts. Analyzing your competitor’s marketing efforts entails things such as checking their promotional channels and their advertising content.  Such an analysis will provide you with a clear sense of where your competitors are focusing. Furthermore, it helps you decide how to differentiate your digital marketing strategies from their strategies in the future.
  3.       Connect with your target clients at a personal level-brands that personalize their marketing efforts are likely to thrive.  While doing your digital promotional campaigns, ensure you tap into your clients’ personals and their psychographics. Your clients are humans, and they will respond well to your marketing efforts if you become personal with them.

What Is The Future of Marketing

We now know that online marketing is changing advertising for the better. Nonetheless, the future of digital marketing remains unclear for most marketers today.  Its future, however,  can be predicted based on many current factors that affect the world of advertising.

For instance, artificial intelligence will continue to shape online marketing in the future.  Artificial Intelligence latecomers have a competitive disadvantage while crafting their digital advertising strategies.

Content optimization will also dictate the effectiveness of digital marketing in the future.  Content optimization won’t just help businesses drive traffic to their sites. In this context, traffic generated by SEO optimization is ultimately business opportunity seekers’ traffic.  In the future, content optimization will help ensure excellent content readability and boost search engine rankings. SEO optimization will also guarantee the quality of promotional content that businesses post on their sites.

The internet is Ever Open For Digital Marketing.

The internet is always there for those that want to improve their digital advertising campaigns. The web has tons of resources you can rely on to conduct an effective promotional strategy. For instance, many local marketing agencies such as on the internet today help businesses improve their advertising campaigns. Furthermore, you will always come across a digital solutions blog on the web. Digital solutions blogs are suitable for marketers that want to take their marketing experience and skills a notch higher.


Digital marketing is here to stay. It has ushered in a period of marketing productivity that businesses couldn’t get in the old days. Hence, every business needs to adapt itself to the ever-changing digital marketing world to succeed in its advertising efforts.

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