How to Proofread your Content to Increase Company Sales and Attract more Customers

How to Proofread your Content to Increase Company Sales and Attract more Customers

Content marketing engages the user in a sales scenario created by the company, thanks to information that, while not direct advertising, encourages a person to buy.

Content in internet marketing accounts for 70% of adult users` views, so approximately 20% of the total marketing budget is set aside for it. Every day, thousands of professionally planned, paid-for materials are published online that are meant to reach a specific target audience and increase sales.

What is content marketing and proofreader for?

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Content marketing is used today by all companies that want to increase sales. One may say that this tool is essential to accomplish such tasks.

  • Increased sales. Content marketing is a controlled showcase for selling products to customers at their own time. Using this tool allows you to persuade the user to buy and increases the popularity of the brand.
  • Customer retention. Existing customers usually make repeat purchases. Content updating involves entertaining and informing users, encouraging customers to stay with the brand. Providing up-to-date information about a product and service, as well as regular communication with buyers will encourage them to repeat purchases.
  • Creation or change of the company’s position in the market. Any company that wants to advance in the market is required to have continuous communication with customers. Content offered by a company on a website, emails or SMS messages require some attention from consumers, so you can influence their opinion and change the perception of your brand.
  • Wide opportunities for impact. The company not only creates content, but can also distribute it in social networks, in the form of videos, in the media. Information presented in different media enhances the effect of the marketing campaign.
  • Long-term customer engagement. Using various types of communication, you can form a connection with readers, increase brand loyalty, which will make the proposed product the # 1 choice for the client. Regular communication with readers will allow you to receive prompt feedback on the product or service provided.

What is content like?

Content is various types of information that is posted on this resource and which readers can get acquainted with. The following types of content are most popular today:

  • Articles.
  • Product reviews.
  • Audio files and podcasts.
  • Videos.
  • Comments sometimes contain more useful information than the material to which they relate.
  • Contests.
  • Announcements of events: seminars. Conferences.
  • Discount certificates.

Social media has led to viral content – posts that users share. Viral content can be an excellent advertisement for your business if it is useful to users or bring out vivid emotions in them.

Also, the content can be unique and non-unique. Unique content is one that has not been previously published on the web. Of course, unique articles or reviews are difficult to create, so such materials are not cheap, and their production is entrusted to specialized specialists. Today, unique, useful and understandable text materials are created using LSI copywriting, which is devoted to a separate article. The LSI core includes both keywords and words specific to a specific market niche.

Non-unique content is created by copying information from one site to another. Search engines have a negative attitude to such actions of webmasters and pessimize the resources that host non-unique content.

LSI copywriting vs SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is writing unique articles, thanks to which the site will rise higher in the search results. SEO articles are most often written for search engines and contain the keywords needed to promote the product.

LSI copywriting is writing articles, which, in addition to keywords, also include thematic ones. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. LSI words also include:

  • Synonyms for the main keyword.
  • Words describing the main key request.
  • Words that are relevant to the topic of the article.

LSI articles should be clearly structured and written in a language understandable to the reader. From materials made according to this principle, maximum disclosure of the topic is required, which will make the article useful, which means it will bring more visitors to the site.

Modern marketing trends, as well as search engine politics, are making LSI copywriting preferred over SEO articles. The main “scourge” of the latter is the presence of specially inserted key queries, and sometimes in those places where they are absolutely inappropriate. As a result, the article loses its readability, and Google, the leader of the search industry, has long made it clear that the main priority for it is the usefulness of the content for the user. This is what LSI copywriting can boast of, in which the main emphasis is not on the use of direct keys, but not on the relevance of the material and its relevance to the topic. In addition, the content requires proofreading before publishing.

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing allows you to convey the message of the company, and allows the user to go from the observer to the buyer of the product. It also performs the following functions:

  • It helps the company keep up with current trends.
  • It drives traffic to sites and groups in social networks.
  • It engages users.
  • It educates the buyer: forms an awareness of the need and offers options for solutions.

A good content marketing strategy includes the following steps:

  • Understanding the target audience. At this stage, you need to identify the circle of your potential buyers and study their needs.
  • Clear proposal wording. The content should help the user to analyze the problem, suggest a solution and benefit.
  • Defining specific goals. Highlight the goals that you want to achieve and plan the time frame required to achieve them.
  • Analysis of competitors’ activities.
  • Use of social media. Using this direction will allow for an open dialogue with potential buyers and promptly learn about their personal preferences.
  • Content mapping. All materials that you will publish in various sources, group them in the form of a table (content map). It should indicate:
  1. Subject.
  2. Promotion channels (blog, social networks, websites).
  3. Content update rate.

What business can be promoted by content marketing? 

Content marketing is suitable for promoting almost any product. Just like is suitable as a proofreader of any type of content. Taking online gaming as an example, the Game of Hacks game promotion strategy was developed in such a way that 65,000 Internet security experts began to play it. And the essence of marketing was simple – to implement a technically complex topic in the form of a kind of game test, giving specialists the opportunity to develop in the course of the game. 

Such presentation of content allows the user to abstract from the main work, while using and multiplying their professional skills. The resource’s behavioral factors are growing, due to which its development takes place. This principle is recommended to be used with other areas and types of content – any article, video or other content should be such that the user is interested and useful to view it. 

Content marketing can be used to promote small businesses. Each enterprise of this type should have its own blog, which will post information about the products and the field of activity of the company. Responsible for maintaining the site and blog, the content manager, he also sometimes writes SEO texts and articles for advertisements and posts. 

Slide presentations would be an excellent promotion tool for small companies, they can be used for conferences and to talk about what the company does. You can post presentations on YouTube and Vimeo. 

Press releases will also be a good means of promotion, they will help to convey information about new products to users, as well as provide communication with various media. 

Properly structured content marketing, like a properly written essay, will ensure constant interaction with the audience, so that the business owner immediately feels the needs of customers and their relationship to the brand. By maintaining constant contact with potential buyers, you will be able to sell not by increasing advertising budgets, but by increasing brand loyalty and trust. 

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