SEO Tools That Are Essential to Succeed in 2023 and How to Use Them

SEO Tools That Are Essential to Succeed in 2023 and How to Use Them

It’s no secret that the online presence of any business is one of the most important aspects of today’s marketing strategies. Digital marketing has proven to be a necessity when it comes to increasing a company’s exposure and widening the audience. No matter what type of products or services your business offers, you have to make sure that your ad campaigns reach your targeted audience.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a popular concept in the current market. This process ensures that your website or page is visible to people whenever they search for a certain product or service. You want your products to appear in the top searches of customers’ search engines. SEO tools are used to help digital marketers get an overview of website traffic, keyword rankings, overall visibility, and many more useful features. Here are a few popular SEO tools that can help you succeed in your business.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

This tool finds out your company’s position in online search results in terms of targeted keywords. You can get a complete overview by using an automated website rank tracking tool like, which will give you an accurate result of your search performance. Using a keyword rank tracking tool will save you a lot of time and effort in putting your rankings manually on a spreadsheet. It ensures the quickest results that you can use to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Versatile SEO Tools

Several SEO tools are available which provide an all-inclusive service that tends to your digital marketing needs. Some tools provide tutorial videos to help you get started and easily navigate the tool’s features. These tools can improve SEO rankings and provide accurate data and analysis for your company’s website. You can use these tools to track your competitors’ rankings and stay up to date with the market’s trends.

Another important aspect is keyword searches and suggestions. You want to learn which keywords drive traffic to your website. This knowledge will give you an excellent idea of how and when to use these keywords in your marketing plan. Remember that this information will be a huge help in your site auditing process. This process is used to determine how visible your website is to customers and whether or not it’s accessible. A website audit is crucial in revealing the techniques needed to update your SEO position and maximize your online reach.

All-inclusive or multipurpose tools are useful in website crawling as well. This aspect entails browsing online pages and following all the links available on the website. A tool called site crawlers uses this collective information to create a report that you can use to learn about other businesses’ websites. This system allows you to know the best keywords to use when marketing your products and services.

One important feature that can’t be ignored when performing SEO analysis is analyzing backlinks. These are links that are present in foreign websites that lead back to your company’s website or one of its pages. The resulting data denote the traffic on competing or non-competing websites. If done right, backlinks analysis can give you a good estimate of the quality and frequency of your backlinks, which can help you improve your SEO rankings.

Examples of multitasking SEO tools include Ahrefs, which is one of the top-rated tools in the market. It includes a site explorer responsible for analyzing backlinks, a site audit tool performing website crawling, keywords explorer revealing the optimum keywords for your site rankings, and overall domain comparison which lists all the popular and top websites according to online rankings. Other popular choices are SEMRush, Moz Pro, SpyFu, Searchmetrics, KWFinder, BuzzSumo, and Majestic.

Enterprise SEO Tools

Large companies call for more specific tools that can handle huge amounts of information. Enterprise SEO tools are used by big businesses that need a single platform that computes all tasks performed in these companies. Regular reports must be made to perform various diagnostics that detect any problems in the company’s website, especially if it’s a multinational company with many branches all over the world. Different languages and cultures mean a different set of keyword searches and optimizations.

Enterprise tools include many of the previously mentioned features, in addition to global rank tracking tools, application programming interface or API, and social media signal trackers. These tools track information regarding users’ keyword searches around the world and report back any significant changes to the company. The social aspect is useful in following trends on all social media platforms by collecting data of a webpage’s activity including shares, likes, and mentions. This reflects the visibility of a company’s webpage on social media, which is an important metric to consider when forming an SEO marketing strategy.

Examples of Enterprise SEO tools include BrightEdge, which provides insights into keyword rankings globally on any device. This tool can track changes in users’ search words over the years, which fills you in about the current trends.

Another tool is called Conductor, which helps your company measure its website’s performance, with filtering options to narrow your searches according to a user’s location, whether they’re using a desktop, phone, or tablet, and search engine type. Most tools also offer SERP visibility metrics, which give an approximate measurement of traffic on a certain topic or search word every month.

Finally, when performing search engine optimization for your website, you’ll need an SEO tool that will pinpoint the exact issues or gaps in your digital marketing strategy. Performing this process manually is a daunting, time-consuming task. SEO tools help automate this tedious process and provide you with the best results by making you appear on the top searches.

Instead of wasting a couple of days to conduct a site audit, your SEO tool can generate a report in under 5 minutes. The idea behind optimizing this process is to simply reach the right audience. You only want people who are interested in your product or service to visit your website. With SEO tools, you’ll find out exactly what piques users’ interest and use that information to give your business a boost.

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