Email Marketing Is Still King – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Email Marketing Is Still King – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Email marketing may seem like a thing of the past with the drastic increase in social media marketing over the past few years. While social media marketing is considerably efficient, email marketing hasn’t lost its charm yet. In fact, email is being used now as never before even with all the other means of communication available.

The reason why a lot of people are of the opinion that email marketing doesn’t work anymore is because of factors other than it being outdated. Most email marketing isn’t as efficient as expected because the contents being shared are irrelevant and some companies overdo the entire email marketing act by sending numerous emails, making most people annoyed and causing them to unsubscribe.

So the outdated factor has nothing to do with why your email marketing strategy isn’t working. Email marketing is actually preferred more over other forms of marketing channels because not only are they cost-effective, they are also easy to implement. Hard to believe, right? Here are some facts that prove email marketing is alive and thriving, contrary to what others might say or believe.

Email Marketing Gets Better Results Than Most Other Marketing Channels

Email marketing has been proven to give better results than any other marketing channels including, television, social media, and affiliate marketing. With the highest return on investment among all major marketing channels, almost all marketers prefer having email marketing strategies in their marketing mix. Email marketing has proven to be 40 times more effective than social media marketing.

The main reason email marketing has emerged at the top is the enhancement of this channel. Nowadays, email marketing strategies utilize performance optimization software and analytic features. These optimization techniques go a long way to improve email marketing content. There are plenty of email software you can use to streamline your email marketing process.  For a full review of Sendinblue see here.

A Majority Of Adults And Teenagers Read Their Email On A Regular Basis

Whether you’re trying to target millennials, boomers, or Gen Z, email marketing is the way to go. Almost 85% of adult internet users check their emails daily. Millennials are said to check their emails almost non-stop, as it’s considered an official source of communication. Even teenagers, who are often associated with being social media addicts, regularly check their emails.

An Automated Email Marketing Strategy Reduces Your Workload A Lot

Automated email marketing doesn’t mean sending the same, generalized email to every individual customer. You also can’t write a personalized email for each of your customers either, and this is where smart email marketing automation comes in. The software used to automate marketing emails is designed specifically so that they send responses based on the customers’ preferences at specified times.

Your customers can be easily divided into groups based on interests, demographics, or previous purchasing behavior. The automation in email marketing will not only help send more relevant messages to your customers but also improve customer engagement a lot.

Email Marketing Engages Consumers

Email marketing provides you the opportunity to include customer engaging options in the message. Targeted emails can enhance customer response by a lot. If not anything else, emails that are targeted will direct traffic to your website and improve sales. You can use transactional email, which is proven to get double the response normal marketing emails get.

Brand Awareness Is Improved

Email marketing can be used to effectively improve your brand’s awareness among consumers. You can share your products or services to increase awareness. The growth in brand awareness would directly lead to you getting loyal customers.

You can add send discounts or beginner vouchers to increase your chances of getting your brand recognized. However, remember to not send excessive marketing emails, so you don’t turn these into spam mail.

Email Marketing Uses Personalized Content For Consumers

The best thing about email marketing is personalized content, a content that is unique for each individual. Email marketing technology uses cookies and history of an individual to create a unique email filled with the perfect choices for the customer. The software automatically sends behavior-based automated emails to people, personalized for each one of them.

Plus, email marketing allows you to address each person by their names, and give these people choices based completely on their preferences, unlike social media marketing which addresses all customers at once.

Email marketing is still more than relevant, no other mode of marketing can compare to the high efficient marketing through email. While email marketing’s efficiency is quite surprising, email marketing has a better chance of getting to your target market than social media marketing.

Social media marketing posts are often ignored or bypassed by people, while emails, if they include relevant and captivating content, catch the attention of customers way more. Most importantly, email marketing is cost-effective and easy to integrate into your marketing mix.

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