8 Tips on How to Succeed with Your Marketing

Business Networking for more Customers and Contacts

It is an art to stand out and cut through the noise.

We are faced with millions of impressions every day, and somewhere we have to decide – what is relevant and what is not?

It has become easier to reach out with marketing, but harder to reach.

The biggest challenge of our time is not to find ways to communicate with our customers, but what our communication should contain to make customers feel that it gives them indispensable information.

If you don’t feel like you are not there then you might as well go home. There is no right or wrong.

This is how you succeed with your marketing

1. Be active

Being active is crucial. If you want something to happen, you must be prepared to work for it. And by “work” we do not mean that you have to Google for 20 minutes, here we talk about at least a couple of full working days. Now you may think it sounds like a lot of time but I promise, it will pay off.

2. Assume that no one has a clue about who you are or what you are doing

And no one understands why they should be dealing with you and your business. Explain, argue, and nag until it sits.

3. Network

Hang out at trade fairs, attend lectures and events. Where your customers are, simply!

And one last tip, dare to test new things, it doesn’t work – well you know! But dare to test, the more you work with your marketing the more fun and easier it will be – just like with everything else in life, exercise provides skill!

4. Create valuable content and share it in social media

Give your followers a reason to keep following you – and make them want to tell their friends about you and your business.

5. Take advantage of direct marketing

Don’t underestimate various forms of direct marketing. Email your customers, talk to everyone you know, participate in social media discussions, and relevant forums.

6. Make sure you are online – but not everywhere

Have a website and accounts on relevant social media platforms. Do not waste time on channels where your target audience is absent.

7. Was a little old-fashioned

Hand out your business cards. Set up a promotional item. Digital is good but sometimes it can be good to go back to basics. No need to take out the other.

8. Get ambassadors

Make it easy for others to spread information about your business. Examples of this can be as simple a thing as providing good service.

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