7 Best Tips on Viral Marketing

7 Best Tips on Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing method that is about creating …

Viral marketing is a marketing method that is about creating a message or product that creates interest and easily spreads by itself. People who are attracted to the message or product then spread it to their friends, who in turn share it.

Here you can read about 7 of our best tips on viral marketing.

1. Build on emotion

Express an opinion or an idea with conviction. Get people filled with anguish or disgust, get happy or angry and upset. Forget neutral- it is not possible to satisfy everyone.

2. Do something unexpected

To get noticed, something different and unexpected is required. It is not enough to just tell straight up and down that the company’s new product is great and that the design is stylish. Create something of your own, do not monkey after someone else.

3. Traditional advertising thinking does not work

Traditional marketing is about showing how good the product is and giving it a central place, perhaps together with supermodels or movie stars. Viral marketing is about telling a good story.

Forget the company and the product for a while and focus only on the story. Of course, the product can be included, but it does not have to be the most central.

4. Make a sequel

If people have seen and liked your campaign, you have their full attention. Take care. Act, give them what they want – sequel. It can be movies on the same theme, behind-the-scenes movies, a follow-up blog or the like.

The main thing is not to leave interested people empty-handed.

5. It should be as easy to spread as possible

Offer different formats and make it easy to link, distribute, forward, publish on e.g. Pusha, Digg, Delicious and so on.

6. Make it possible to comment

People want to comment on what they like (or dislike) Let them do it. It’s a great way to connect with your audience.

7. Never restrict access

Do not set up obstacles in the form of member registration, requirements for special software. code lock or similar. Let everyone have access – easily.

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