11 Tips if You are Too Shy to Network

There is a lot of talk about the importance of networking to find jobs, recruit and find clients and investors. But how do you do if you are shy? It is less talked about.

Aliens are scary if you are shy. So start by networking with your relatives and friends instead.

– Start with someone you know instead of an unknown so the process is demystified. It can help a shy person to cross the threshold.

By becoming just a little brave, you can expand to people you plugged in – there can be a pure gold mine of contacts.

Do not apologize

Inexperienced networkers often apologize when asking for help because they see networking as an injunction rather than an exercise in building relationships.

– They feel like they are asking for a job and do not think that they are really worth taking someone else’s time so they apologize.

But the result is that you instead show a lack of professionalism and self-confidence. So instead of apologizing, you have to realize that the joke of networking is that one day you are in a position where you can repay the service.

Look happy

Don’t show that you don’t like networking. Instead, try to smile.

– It’s such a simple piece of advice that most people don’t even think about it.

And no, it’s not about walking around like a manic clown – you just have to smile when you greet.

Make a nice entrance

Getting into a group that is already lively requires a little fingertip feeling. It just doesn’t work to just throw yourself in and throw something out. Take it easy and listen a little first.

– When there is an opening then you can take the opportunity to ask a question to the group.

Listen and you will be heard

Being a good listener is pure gold for those who network. And here it can be an advantage to be shy because it can be significantly easier to listen than to speak. Practice it and use it. Let people express their opinions and experiences with genuine interest ¬– they will remember a good conversation with you.

Be yourself

No, you don’t have to pretend that you are outgoing unless you are.

– Be the humble, shy person you are.

It’s okay if you’re a little dumb – but don’t apologize for it.

Network all the time

It is not something that just happens at work, everything that makes you leave your home can be networking. If you play – go to a gaming event, if you like to read then join a book club.

– Just because you work with technology does not mean that you only have to network at technology conferences.

– Whoever sits in front of you at a football match may prove to work at a company you are interested in. There you can sit behind that person for a whole season and never get to know it unless you start talking.

Be prepared

If you are worried about getting a hard copy in all social contexts then prepare. Think through good questions that can break the ice when you meet a new person.

If you are at an event because you are looking for a new job then have your pitch ready. Think about what kind of questions you can get – such as why you want a new job. Be prepared with short concise answers.

Be prepared to follow up

Sharing information is a good thing to increase their credibility. If you get into a discussion where you know something special and promise to email a report or article about it – then make sure to really do it too.

– If you do what you said, the other person gets a picture of you as someone who keeps his word.

In addition, the other person now has a way to reach you if something interesting turns up one day.

Okay to be rejected

If you are out networking, some people you will meet will be unpleasant. You will meet people who do not have time for a call. You will talk to people you do not like and who do not like you.

– That is how life is, don’t take it personally and don’t go around thinking about it.

– Meeting people that it doesn’t work so well with is part of the process.

Take risks

Once you have overcome your fear of being rejected, it will be much easier to start talking to strangers.

– Anyone sitting next to you at a banquet or in an airplane can feel as uncomfortable as you and appreciate if you break the ice, says Lynne Sarikas.

Don’t assume that everyone handles everything much better than you. There are many more who are shy and very few who have never felt embarrassed in social contexts.

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