What is Influencer Marketing and How to Use it

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing: What is influencer marketing how it is used?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that is based on allowing influential people to market a product or service. This means that the target group of potential buyers is the influencer’s follower or others within the same network.

The difference between advertising marketing and influencer marketing is that advertising marketing is designed according to the intended target group, while in influencer marketing, the target group – which is already gathered – is reached by the influencer.

The influencer influences their followers and gives them knowledge of different brands and products, which these people themselves may want to consume in order to identify with their role model, or because it seems to be a good product.

Let’s start by examining what influencer marketing is:

Macro Influencers

A macro influencer has at least 50,000 followers. They are often known from more contexts than social media. They can be pop stars, soccer players, sports stars or photo models. Some are known from TV. They often have followers with different interests and rarely have a special niche that they target eg. exercise or beauty. Since macro influencers have a larger network, it costs significantly more to collaborate with them. Furthermore, because they have such a diverse group of followers, it can be difficult to reach a certain target group.

What types of influencers are there?

There are generally four levels of influencers:

  • Personality;
  • Writers, bloggers;
  • Followers, fans, customers;
  • Friends, co-workers, partners, relatives.

All of these groups should be able to be perceived as potential buyers themselves by the product they are marketing. Because people are known and have a certain influence – at the micro or macro level – it means that the people who follow them become potential consumers.

Traditionally, it has been mainly bloggers who have been given the role of influencer marketer, while today it has broadened and is found in several different industries in different ways and through different channels.

What different channels are there for influencer marketing?

The most common channels for influencer marketing are video marketing, text marketing and social media marketing. Video marketing can be done, for example, in the form of vlogs or as advertising in a mobile format. Text marketing can be posted on blogs and magazines of various kinds, and social media marketing can take place on, for example, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and can have content of both text, image and / or video.

The primary, and common to all of these forms is that it is either posted by the influencer person or created in collaboration with him.

How to reach influencing people?

If you want to get in touch with a potential partner in the form of an influencer marketer, the best way to find a person who is committed to what you intend to sell. For example, if a person has a blog that deals with makeup and fashion, it may not be optimal to try to get this to promote sports and cooking products.

Think about whether the product fits into the whole created by the person.

It’s far from all influential people who are interested in collaborating, so be prepared that you can always get a no. If the person says yes, you must always keep in mind that he needs to earn something from the collaboration as well. The most common thing is to offer money, and of course send products to the person.

How much it costs to let different people market your products depends, among other things, on the size of their channels and how many people will be reached by the information; the more famous person, the more expensive. Bloggers and the like that have become known have often worked hard for their own brand and to reach the position they are in, which also means that they can be very keen with whom they choose to partner with and not.

Check out who the person has worked with before, and what these collaborations have looked like. For example, it may be about the type of marketing used: sponsorship, advertisements and / or recommendations of various kinds. In some cases, an influencing person can market different products on their own initiative, but this occurs mainly if the person already has an existing relationship with the third party.

This is a way that the influencer sometimes uses to increase their own growth, by attracting the company’s customers to their channel. However, it is not a way that should be suggested to the person if you are looking for a real collaboration, as what is said is based on already existing contacts and not new contacts.

When you have found a person who is dedicated to what you want to market, and feels that the person is at the right “level”, you can contact that person and ask if they want to work with your company.

Present the company and the product as well as the way you feel it would fit into this particular blog, by this particular person. Give a generous offer, since after all, the person probably spent a lot of time and commitment on their channels.

What do you measure and how are different KPIs defined?

Above all, there are two different ways to measure network signals: buzz and impact. Buzz is called “word of mouth”. Word of mouth is about satisfied customers who bought a product spread the message, and when the rumor about the product spreads, sales are boosted. This can be shown online, for example, through reviews and people who share their experiences. It can also be done by likes and followers. Because all of these parts can be purchased, it is also easy to fake them.

Impact refers to long-term effects, and is more about the number of clicks, impressions, comments and backlinks. Of course, this too can be mistaken in various ways – especially in the form of clicks, impressions and comments – but when it comes to continuity, there is an inherent credibility in a different way.

Uses of Influencer Marketing

There are three main uses when it comes to influencer marketing:

Social: Influencers reach many potential customers through its social media and blogs. In some cases, it could be millions of people being reached;
Newly Created Content: Influence creates the marketing content for the brand they promote, making it more uniquely targeted to its followers and your potential customers;
Consumer confidence: Influencers often have strong and lasting relationships with its followers, which creates confidence among followers when the influencer markets a product: both by showing that the influencer “knows” their followers and by giving the product legitimacy by using the influencer.

Influencer marketing methods

The four most common methods in influencer marketing are the following:
Identify influences

  • Rank them by number of followers
  • Their continuity
  • their circle of followers
  • how well any collaboration between you will work.

Influencer marketing

Make the influencer aware of your business by contacting it. This is to increase the awareness of both the influencer person and in the long term also his followers and networks.

Marketing through the influencer

By working with the influenza and having it disseminate information about the product and the brand, a market awareness of the company is created among the followers and the target group. These people become your potential customers.

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