List of 10 Social Media Beauty & Makeup Influencers You Need to Know Of

List of 10 Social Media Beauty & Makeup Influencers You Need to Know Of

Looking for social media beauty influencers?

The beauty industry is one of the industries that use influencer marketing the most on social media, and they are generating amazing results from it.

Of course, finding suitable influencers to partner with isn’t the easiest task in the world, and to help you find influencers who might be a good fit to your brand, I’ve compiled a list of highly relevant, highly specific social media influencer smith a high engagement, great influence, no fake followers, and a high engagement.

All of these are vital for influencer marketing success, and that’s also the reason why we use every influence among the 3K+ that are located in our influencer directory meet the exact same standards.

All influencers are carefully hand-picked by our team so we can ensure the highest engagement possible, and the best results you possibly can.

All influencers in this list are taken from the Veloce Influencer Directory. Here, you can filter influencers based on your preferred criteria and scroll through the search results to see if there’s an influence worth partnering with. To search  the directory, simply fill in your preferred criteria and click search!

That’s all.

Now, you’ll be presented with a list of influencers who match your criteria. Different from most directories, we focus on quality before quality, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 million or 5,000. It is the quality of the influencer and their influence that truly matters.

1. Eman – @Eman

List of beauty influencers

2. Lydia – @lydiaemillen

List of 10 social media beauty influencers

3. Teni Panosian – @tenipanosian


Free list of 10 social media beauty influencers online4. Alexandra Burimova – @Burimova

How to find beauty and makeup influencers

5. Jackie Aina – @jackieaina

Social media beauty and fashion influencer list

6. Denitslava – @denitslava

List of 10 social media beauty influencers

7. Nicoletta – @nicolettxoyt

How to find beauty influencers

8. Brittany Bear – @brittanybearmakeup

Beauty and makeup influencers social media

9. Fraya –

Beauty influencer list

10. Sonjdra – @sonjdradeluxe

Makeup and beauty influences social media

Want to find more influencers like these?

Or maybe you want to find influencers based on completely different criteria?

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