Influencer marketing for B2B – Is it Possible?

Influencers in B2B cost less than B2C influencers. Something that is overlooked is the use of influencers in B2B. A phenomenon that is often called a “thought leader”.

Despite the fact that more and more agencies are focusing on influencers while the reviews continue to see (and increase) the use of influencer marketing. Here I thought about talking about the use of thought leaders or influencers in B2B as well as what such a collaboration can look like. As well as tips on how to increase the commitment of their employees.

Do you have the best employees in the industry?

The employees and colleagues who handle the service or product are probably extremely knowledgeable and important to the company.

Probably they are also familiar with the industry and socialize with people outside of work who may be of interest to your company.

Reflecting what you do in the “reality” of the digital is a big part of the digital transformation. It is then also about employer branding. Putting stickers and wearing uniform was an easy way before by seeing this as a standard or must. Getting employees to talk more online is a little trickier. Further down in the post you will find tips on how to work more with influencer marketing in B2B, but first we will go over why it is useful:

Why should employees and colleagues be active online?

Influencers are available on all social channels. In B2B, possibly the biggest social channel for influencers is LinkedIn. Sellers make contact with company representatives at interesting companies, old colleagues whom you have made contact with change jobs and you make contact through interesting meetings you have had in the city.

According to LinkedIn, an average recruiter has 616 contacts in their network and an CEO has an average of 930 contacts. Two people in a company make over 1500 contacts, I call micro influncers – if not influencers. To reach 1500 people we might not reach before, I consider to be a win for the company.

Beyond that, it’s no secret that LinkedIn has algorithms that like engagement. Therefore, having reactions, comments and likes on posts has a greater chance of being seen, not to mention that it is visible in the person who is engaged with the post’s profile.

So if your company wants to be active on LinkedIn or on social media, here are some tips on how to increase your chances of being visible and how employees can easily interact with the content:

Post content that encourages a response.

Many people ask questions in their posts but if you do not have good commitment this may feel a bit strange. There is no need to ask questions to encourage a response. Write something interesting about what you have shared and at least give the reader a chance to think.

Content that works well for you.

Is it a video? A linked blog post? A picture? Or just a plain post with text? This may depend on your services or products but also on what we are saying. Think about it and see what would be best based on the resources you have.

Name the person or company you thought of when creating the content.
If it is a response to a company news or is it a thought from an employee who is tolerated sharing with the outside world then you get more dissemination if you @tag that person / company. Probably seen as a nice gesture by the company or person but if you are unsure, ask.

Take part in the conversation.

Is it a bad commitment to start by commenting? Ask a question about the company – have a conversation with yourself (only you know it is yourself if you do right). Tag someone you know has opinions on the content you have written.

Create your own LinkedIng group with your employees.

When you send out a company post. Tell it to your employees and they will decide if it is worth sharing / commenting or liking. At least give them the chance to help the company appear. This also helps the employees to become active in the professional social forum, which many people strive for.

Have a share button in your blogs

Do you write posts or blogs on your website. Enables you to comment and share your posts at the touch of a button.

Use your website if employees are not on social channels – Influencers through website.

Let employees talk about the company from their perspective. Are there many different roles? Give some examples through employee interviews or let them take the time to write blog posts. It can help both your recruitment and your brand’s identity and personality. Probably the employees also have an extremely high level of expertise and know what people they meet question or wonder about your company.

A win / win situation – Your organization is unique, as are your employees

On most organizations’ websites you visit it says about what makes the company unique. Having a service or product that is unique in one way or another is fantastic. So are your employees. You probably also have employees with contacts who can grow your business. Give it the opportunity.

Sharing content both as employees and as companies gives everyone involved an advantage. As an employee, your own brand is strengthened by showing activity and commitment to your company and as a company increases visibility and creates greater brand awareness. If you are a seller within the company, you also increase the chances of getting more hot leads as the content you share can appear in your contacts’ network. If you also sell a service or product that you believe in and are unique, they will see it too.

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