This is How you Market the Company in Networks

We do business with people we like, and the more people we have in our contact network, the more business we can do. Here you will learn how to market in different networks.

We take a closer look at how you should prepare, how to identify who is “right” in the network, and how to create win-win. A guide in new business, simply!

Prepare yourself properly

Business cards and pens are obviously props when you go out and business networks. Also read on about the people who are expected to come.

Set a goal

Set goals for the mingle opportunity and go through what needs you have right now. What do I need help with? Who do I want to talk to? Also, think about which network you visit, you can’t run events all day long. Pick out the most important ones and be 100 percent focused there.

Set aside time for meetings

Be sure to set aside time in the calendar for new meeting times. This way you can book appointments directly with the interesting people you meet. It has been found that the level of interest drops drastically already hours after a meeting, so do not be afraid to book a meeting directly.

Identify the people

Become a good human connoisseur. Who is there to eat good food and who is there to do business? One tip is to put yourself near the entrance, where you have a close look at who is coming and can quickly greet and decide for whom you want to talk more with.

First aid

Always ask the question: How can I help you? In networks, it is about standing up for each other, giving each other tips and being able to give and maintain a trust. This way, your contacts will in turn recommend you to friends and acquaintances.

Create win-win

Make sure that all the deals you initiate make everyone winners, including third parties. All involved will then work in the same direction, since everyone wants to participate and win.

Open your business mind

Practice seeing opportunities where a business is likely to arise. Look for improvement opportunities, turn upside down and do the opposite. It takes time to practice an open business mind, but it is well-invested time as it opens many doors for you.

Be yourself

It’s you people want to do business with, so be who you are. Dress for the impression you want to give. Be fearless and dare to make mistakes, which you always make sure to correct.

Sort your contacts

Immediately after the mingling, it is important that you create some kind of structure among all the contact information you have received. Use your business system, scan your business card or get a business card book. Collect as many details as possible about the person and the conversation.

Follow up

This is where most unaccustomed networks fall; make sure to nurture the contacts you have created. Follow up within 48 hours, either by phone or email. Schedule follow-up time in the calendar, so you can’t miss this process.

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