How to Create And Keep Good Business Relationships

How can you build and maintain good and valuable business relationships? Continue reading to find out.


It may sound obvious, but it is vital for all business relationships. Keep in touch with people and don’t let them forget you.

Imagine that a person you haven’t heard from for weeks or months suddenly starts asking for advice or help.

Probably you will hardly care about that person. Keep track of who you have been in contact with and contact them from time to time. A simple call or e-mail to see how they feel about maintaining a good relationship.


This does not mean that you have to attend all trade fairs within your business area or become a member of every club in the vicinity. Choose what is most interesting and be active.

Not all business relationships are tied up in offices or formal meetings. Be open to meeting new people outside of work, talking to unknown people at a party, and chatting with others at the gym.

As long as you actively network and talk to other people, you will build your own, valuable network for the future.


Honesty is the key to building trust. You should never take anyone for granted or try to exploit man. They will see through it. If you are open and don’t put yourself first when you help someone then people will notice it and know that they can trust you.

4. Hard work pays off

Who would you spend time on? People who can actually get things done or people who look like they can get things done but who deliver no results? Always give a little more than expected.

Deliver early, don’t let people wait and be the one who makes the most effort. Then you will be remembered and the next time you need something you will probably get it and probably a little more than you expect.


The difference between hearing and listening can be crucial. A sincere interest in what the other person has to say gives a completely different impression of you than if you just talk about yourself and your own thoughts.

Ask specific questions and wait patiently for your turn to talk. After a business meeting, you can write down the most important personal points about the person you met next to your business notes.

The next time you see the person, you are guaranteed to be impressed that you have taken the time to remember who he or she actually is and what is happening in their lives.


Networking is meeting and talking to people, but at the same time being able to choose who could lead to good relationships in the future. You are busy with your life and your commitments, so spend your time properly.

A good piece of advice for all networking events is to have a goal, to try to make a good business contact per event. The problem is that you cannot know in advance what will get the best results in the future, so try to have an open mind and of course: Keep Cool.

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