What Is It Like to Take a Bath with a CBD Bath Bomb?

What Is It Like to Take a Bath with a CBD Bath Bomb?

For most people, taking a long soak in the bathtub feels like a treat. It is a popular way for people to relax and unwind after a tough day. As the cannabidiol market grows, the number of products infused with th1e compound swells with it. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to learn that a growing number of brands now offer CBD bath bombs.

Those who try one often say that it produces the ultimate bath experience. A CBD bath bomb is usually a combination of ingredients such as baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, and CBD extracted from hemp. They may also contain one of an array of essential oils that also act as aromatherapy agents. You might even discover nourishers that work on your skin.

CBD bath bombs are absorbed into the bloodstream via the pores that are opened due to the heat of the water. In theory, this process allows the compound to reach the bloodstream faster than CBD topicals. You could also benefit from a higher bioavailability rate. A CBD bath bomb penetrates the skin through the whole body, rather than targeting a specific area.

However, some consumers believe that a single bath bomb is costly. It isn’t unusual to pay more than $10 for one. Therefore, efficacy aside, is the experience of using a CBD bath bomb worth it?

Here’s How It Feels to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

The first step is to turn on the hot tap and add the bath bomb. It is necessary to wait a few minutes before proceeding. Once you drop it in the water, you should notice that it fizzes, and in most cases, the scent is gorgeous. Step into the bath when you are ready, sit back, and relax.

One recommendation is to take some time to set the right mood before you begin. Turn off the lights, and bask in the glory of candlelight instead. If you have a family, inform them that you are not to be disturbed for the next 45-60 minutes. Add some music to the setting if you wish, and lie back in the bath.

What most users find with CBD bath bombs, is that they feel a full-body sensation of relaxation. Individuals with chronic pain, or even aches caused by sitting in front of a computer screen all day, can also benefit. The initial effect tends to vary according to the user. For some, they already feel a noticeable difference in pain by the time they step out of the bathtub.

Other users only notice that their aches and pains are ‘gone’ after a few days. Anecdotal reports also suggest that CBD bath bombs could help nourish and soothe the skin.

What Are the Reasons for Such Effects When Using CBD Bath Bombs?

The CBD market is in its relative infancy, a fact easy to forget due to its rapid rise. In reality, research into the efficacy of the cannabinoid as a whole is limited. There are now hundreds of studies conducted annually, but it is only a recent phenomenon. At present, much of the research delves into the general properties of CBD. For example, whether it is useful for chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, etc.

As a consequence, there is no data relating to how CBD bath bombs impact people or why these effects occur. What we know about cannabidiol, in general, is that it could help:

  • Improve heart health
  • Provide a calming sensation to the brain and nervous system
  • Moisturize hair and skin
  • Boost gastrointestinal health
  • Soothe bones, joints, and muscles
  • Alleviate anxiety

With regards to CBD bath bombs, the possible anti-inflammatory effects could be boosted by the heat of the bath. Proponents of cannabidiol sometimes suggest that its best use is to reduce inflammation. If you dissolve a CBD-infused product, such as a bath bomb in hot water, soaking in it could increase the rate of CBD absorption into the skin.

Heat causes the vasodilation of blood vessels, a process that may enhance CBD’s bioavailability. It could also help to relax the muscles and even open your airways, so you find it easier to breathe.

Also, it seems to increase the already impressive relaxation properties associated with a traditional hot bath. We defy you to take one and claim you are not more relaxed afterward!

Final Thoughts on Using a CBD Bath Bomb

Ultimately, the body of evidence that suggests CBD is beneficial is growing. It is a multi-billion industry with scores of new products released annually. Whether many of them work is subject to debate due to the relative lack of research into the topic.

For example, there is practically no scientific data outlining the potential efficacy of CBD bath bombs. However, an enormous number of users claim that they feel more relaxed after soaking in one of these special baths. If you want to try one, check out the Premium Jane range. Each bath bomb contains 50mg of high-quality CBD.

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