Smartphone Movie Apps to Help You Keep Up with Hollywood

The new smartphone movie apps that help you keep up with the latest in Tinsel Town are here, and they’re ready to get your life started again! We’ve got everything from a free app to make sure you never miss a minute of your favorite TV shows, to an app to give you all the info on your favorite movies ahead of time.  Also, you can also get to catch up with your favorite series, like Game of Thrones, by playing their best casino game-themed slot today!


If you love television as much as we do, then Netflix is for sure one of our favorites. It’s not just about watching content – it’s about experiencing the art behind the content. And when it comes to television, there’s no better place than Netflix to experience some great programming. With over 8 million pieces of content in their library at any given time, chances are something will be playing that you’ll want to watch.

 iTunes Movie Trailers

As a bonus, iTunes also has its own set of iPhone and iPod Touch apps. These apps can be used to browse through trailers and video clips of upcoming films. One of them allows you to add the audio track if you’d like. This way you won’t need to rely on headphones or speakers while using this app.


If movies are more important to you than , Moviefone is another good option. Not only does it offer movie show times and reviews, but it’s got a ton of other cool features as well. For example, you can see what kind of deals theaters have on various types of tickets. Also, if you visit the site and search for movies by genre. Moviefone will tell you what kind of movies are being released in the near future. You can even download the app to your computer to keep up with everything at once.

IMDb Movies Now

The IMDb app isn’t just useful for getting the scoop on upcoming movies — it’s also a great tool for finding out information about current ones. In addition to showing you which movies are currently playing, it gives you access to cast bios and information, plus it lets you rate and comment on each film.

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