Interesting facts you should know about smartphones

Smartphones are now present everywhere we go. They are becoming a necessity in our lives rather than a luxury, we need them to play casino games online. Many people don’t even consider turning their phones off anymore.

So given these statistics, would you say that smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily life? Smartphones are everywhere these days; however, some people still don’t understand the basics of them. Find out about the features, functions, and other interesting aspects of smartphone technology.

 The first mobile phone was invented by Motorola back in 1973

 Today, more than seven decades later, it is estimated that there are over 4 billion smartphones around the world. That means that each person owns at least one. Back then, the first “cellular” phones were bulky and didn’t look very attractive. They had to be connected to a landline to make calls.

This meant that they couldn’t use them outside of the house or office. That has changed drastically since then, and most people nowadays rely on their smartphones for everything from work, school, shopping, entertainment, communication, social media interaction, banking – basically anything you can think of!

¾ of the voice searches are done on smartphones

 According to Google’s 2017 Mobile Search Report, searches using voice search commands account for 1/5th (20%) of all searches made via a smartphone. With so much reliance on smartphones, businesses must be optimized for both voice and visual search.

 Around 85% of people today own a smartphone

 And according to Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), this number is expected to reach 99% globally by 2021. Why do the numbers keep rising so rapidly aside from technological advancements? Well, in addition to personal preferences, affordability plays a role: the average cost of a smartphone is below $300. Not bad for a device that will help you manage your time, stay organized, communicate with others, bank securely, shop easily, entertain yourself, and many other things as well.

Smartphones have come such a long way since their early beginnings. Many people think that they are useless because not everyone has one but you must remember that these devices aren’t just for tech-savvy people only. Did you also know that you can play online pokies on your smartphone and you can also make online casino deposits and withdraw your winnings on your smartphone?

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