Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Before you know it, a holiday season approaches, and you are left with no idea where to look for a present or what to buy. Moreover, even if you manage to come up with an idea, the odds are that you will not find what you were looking for because someone was faster, and stores will be out of stock.

To avoid the issue, you should be getting your presence in advance. Think about what people you are closest to like and plan your shopping list accordingly. And in case you have problems coming up with gift ideas, the list below should come in quite handy.

Custom Merchandise

You can spend some time on and create custom printed canvas shoes yourself or with the help of another person. In fact, Printify offers more products that you can customize. T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, and even face masks.

Gifting a wacky piece of merchandise is quite popular these days. Of course, the design can be related to something that the recipient likes. For example, cute animals or their favorite actor.

The gift may seem pretty small, but it is still a token of your appreciation for another person. And if they like this gift, you will know what to get them next time.

Gift Cards

Roughly 89% of Americans spent money on gifts in 2019. And according to Blackhawk Network, shoppers were expected to spend about 200 dollars on gift cards the same year.

The idea of a gift card might seem like a cliche and not necessarily a good idea because it would mean that the recipient would need to decide what they should get. On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to know what someone wants, and a gift card is a good alternative. And if nothing else, it is still better than coming up empty-handed.

Key organizers

Finding the ideal gift for your loved ones during the holiday season can be quite a challenge. You want something thoughtful, practical, and, most importantly, universally appreciated. Enter the key organizer – a gift that everyone needs and can benefit from.

In a world filled with keys to homes, cars, and offices, maintaining order can be a daily struggle. That’s where a quality key organizer comes in. It not only adds a touch of organization to our chaotic lives but also ensures that we never have to fumble for keys again. Certainly, a key holder for car keys makes for an excellent gift choice for the upcoming holiday season.

Board Games

Since people are stuck at home due to a pandemic, and gathering in small groups is pretty much one of the few options to get some socializing in person, board games could be a fun way to pass some time.

Of course, board games are great not just during the pandemic. If anything, they were on the rise in popularity before COVID-19. Even if the recipient has not played any board games, they might fall in love with the pastime and continue doing it in the future.


Bags, leather wallets, jewelry, and other accessories are worth considering if you have the money for them. At the same time, you could also look for non-brand manufacturers and purchase from them directly. There are multiple artists on social media and other websites that offer great accessories for a relatively low price.


If you know that they like to read, a book could be the perfect gift. Or, you could also consider getting them Kindle or another reader. E-books are not the same as physical books, but they are great for someone who prefers minimalism. Also, it is easier to manage a digital book collection rather than a physical one for some.


Even if there are fewer occasions to go out, a gift like perfume will not go to waste. Sooner or later, the pandemic will be over, and we can restore the status quo. 

Keep in mind that picking the right perfume can be tricky. You may need to spend some time researching the idea and asking people who are close to the recipient and find out if they can help with selecting the right option. 

Gardening Tools

Another instance of appealing to hobbies is gardening. For someone who likes to spend their time taking care of plants, a set of new gardening tools would be a solid and practical gift. Besides, there are plenty of great manufacturer brands that have developed great gardening tools recently, meaning that you should not have problems picking a set for the recipient.


Another cliche idea, but it is more or less impossible to miss with a box of chocolates. Even if the person you are giving the gift to is not the biggest fan of sweets, they will still appreciate the gift and thank you. If nothing else, they will share it with friends with a cup of coffee the next time someone comes in for a visit.

Sleeping Pillow

A comfortable sleeping pillow is one of the most underrated products that many people lack. If you know that the recipient is having a tough time sleeping, a new pillow could change their life. And even if they are relatively happy, a new pillow would still likely be an improvement to what they currently have.

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