Do Eyelash Serums work?

If you don’t have naturally long lashes and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of falsies or extensions, you might want to try a lash serum. Serums that strengthen, lengthen, and volumize lashes are more popular than ever, especially now that face masks are prevalent, beauty routines have shifted to focus entirely on the eyes.

Many positive reviews and celebrity endorsements on Instagram, but do these products work? Is it, more importantly, safe for your delicate eye area? Before you jump, read what a dermatologist has to say about lash serums.

What are lash serums, and how do you use them?

Lash serums are light, concentrated treatments that promise to make your lashes bigger and healthier. Some are combed through the lashes like mascara, while others are applied with a fine applicator along the upper lash line.

While some best eyelash serum claim to extend your lashes, most lash conditioners on the market do the same thing. They may keep lashes healthy (and help them grow longer by reducing breakage), but they don’t include any active medicinal ingredients that have been demonstrated to promote lash growth.

What are the advantages of using lash serums?

According to Li, “several over-the-counter eyelash serums moisturize and strengthen lashes, making them appear fuller and less likely to break.” Your lashes have a higher chance of developing longer and fuller since they are less likely to break.

Amino acids (to build healthy hair follicles), ceramides (to lock in moisture), panthenol (to hydrate and protect lashes from breakage), peptides (to nourish and strengthen lashes), and biotin (to improve hair’s health by strengthening keratin) are some of the most common ingredients found in lash serums.

Is it safe to use lash serums?

The skin on your eyelids is thinnest on your body, and your eyes are your most sensitive organ. You can’t be too careful with them.

If the prospect of using a lash serum makes your eyes quiver, don’t worry: lash serums are completely safe when used correctly, according to Li. Like any other skincare product, a lash serum could contain substances that cause adverse reactions in some people, she warns.

Is it alright if I use the lash serum on my brows as well?

The majority of over-the-counter lash serums are safe to use on your brows. (Read the label and the directions carefully.) There is no scientific evidence that these serums lengthen lashes, and there is no information on how they alter brows. But, much like your lashes, they’ll condition your brows and make them less prone to breakage. If you want to know about the best vaporizer then click on pax3 vaporizer. 

How long should I leave it on my lashes when using a lash serum?

“The results of most skincare products are usually visible after at least two months of use,” Li says, “and lash serums are no exception.” She adds that to observe results, the drug must be taken daily, as suggested by the manufacturer or on the guidance of a physician. However, the effects are only temporary; once you stop using a serum and complete the development cycle, your lashes will return to normal.

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