3 Effective way to Refresh the Look of your Tired Hardwood Floors

3 Effective way to Refresh the Look of your Tired Hardwood Floors

Although the flooring supply on the market offers a lot of beautiful alternatives for your wood floor, the tired look of your hardwood boards shouldn’t always mean that you need to replace the old floor. Instead, there are 3 effective tips and tricks that you can apply to restore the initial appearance of the parquet.

Before analyzing the wood flooring supply for a new option, try to evaluate the state of your hardwood floor and discover which of the following restoration methods will be more effective in your case. Whether we are talking about a thorough cleaning or a complete wood floor refurbishment, your floor can become like new in a fast and economical way.

Step 1: A thorough clean can do wonders!

Sometimes, a good clean is all your floor needs. Start by removing all furniture from the room carefully, so as not to scratch the wooden surface of the floor. All right, now is the time to vacuum and mop!

Avoid using a mop that retains a lot of water, excessive moisture will severely damage the parquet. You will need, instead, a damp mop which has been sprayed with hot water. If necessary, you can also add special cleaning solutions, so that the dirt is removed in depth.

Step 2: Buff and polish that hardwood floor!

If a thorough cleaning has not done its job, it is not necessary to resort directly to a complete wood floor refurbishment. Instead, buffing and polishing your floor might be the right solution!

Make sure that your floor is perfectly clean, then you can get to work. To ensure that your floor is properly taken care of, we recommend you work with a professional team instead of buffering the floor on your own. Depending on your preferences, you can then opt for a gloss or matte finish. Your wood flooring supplier will guide you in choosing the best products for your floor.

Step 3: Invest in a full wood floor refurbishment!

When cleaning and buffering does not bring you the desired result, it is time to complete wood floor refurbishment. The process is time-consuming, so you should include this step in a more complex renovation stage.

It is also important to check if this process can be supported by your floor. A layer of hardwood that is too small and has already been subjected to multiple sanding processes, will not allow you a new refurbishment. In this case, a complete floor replacement will be required.

To really enjoy the pleasant appearance of the floor, require the advice of your wood flooring specialists. They will offer you all the necessary indications regarding the correct maintenance of the floor and will let you know when it is time for a large-scale intervention.

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