How to Use Snapchat Geofilters for Marketing

Have you heard of the opportunity to buy and design your own Geofilters? With Snapchat’s ads and Geofilters, you as a company can market yourself in a whole new way.

Build a relationship with your followers

Communicate with your viewers as if they were your friends, and share your tips and knowledge. It is effective and often results in loyal followers. Responding to comments and getting an insight into your followers’ digital channels is as important as the content you produce. Do it as a routine!

Geofilter is a location-based overlay filter. This gives individuals the opportunity to make their parties, weddings, and other events more personal by allowing everyone in a specific area to use the filter. For companies, the update means another way to market themselves.

For example, restaurants, events, shops, and others can use their own Geofilters. The filter becomes like a digital postcard sent out by visitors. The only thing the company needs to do is create the filter then visitors will use it extensively when in the area and send Snapchats to their friends. However, the filter must adhere to Snapchat’s rules and it will take up to one working day for them to review the filter before hopefully approving it.

When can Snapchat Geofilters be good in marketing?

• Product launches
• Events – large and small
• Awareness in everyday life
• Location-related advertising

There are many occasions where this can be useful. For example, if you launch a new product and have a launch event, set the time and perimeter of the Geofilter. The awareness of the new product can thus get a wider spread through the visitors.

There have previously been Geofilters for different cities, festivals, and places because it has been possible to buy in other markets. Geofilters have been used extensively by users as people in today’s digitized society are happy to tell us where they are and what they do through various social media.

Snapchat is a channel where things should go fast – a picture is taken in the present, picked up by a filter, and sent away. If there is already a ready Geofilter, users can quickly tell that they are at an event – simplicity is the motivation to use. This is true across all social media channels, and not least on Snapchat.

Afterward, the Geofilter statistics will be displayed. What will be read out is how many times it has been used and how many views your geofilter has had. The content is user-generated and sent between friends which makes it credible.

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