How to Succeed With Internet Marketing

Today’s consumers are online. Therefore, in order to create new business, it is important to be able to get out of the noise and attract new customers online.

Because the internet has become such an important part of businesses’ marketing strategies, companies need to understand how to use the internet properly.

In this guide, we share our best tips on how to succeed with internet marketing.

Why should your business be online?

Marketing has always been about appearing wherever your potential customers are. What is the difference today is that virtually all target groups, regardless of age and interest, are in one place – the Internet.
Something that makes it easier and harder to succeed in their marketing efforts. It will be easier because you know where your potential customers are but more difficult because the competition is so fierce.

How to make your internet marketing successful

Now that you understand the potential of the internet, I thought I’d share three tips to succeed with your marketing:

1. Understand which platforms your target audience is on

To reach your target group, of course, it is important to know where on the internet they are.

2. Find out how to reach these channels

Whether you want to be featured on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, of course, you need to find out how to do this. Basically, all platforms have their own tools to help you create and distribute ads:
To create ads on Facebook, you use their own Ads Manager tool, from which you can:

  • Choose the goal you have with your ads.
  • Choose which audience to show your ads to.
  • Choose where your ad should appear.
  • Choose which format you want to use.
  • Choose a suitable budget.


In early 2012, Facebook acquired rival Instagram in a well-known deal. You have therefore chosen to use the same advertising tool. In other words, you create Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager.


Like Facebook, Snapchat has its own tool used to create and distribute ads in the application. It is aptly named Snapchat Ads for Business and allows you to choose the goals, formats, and budget for your marketing campaigns.


To create ads on Twitter, use their Twitter Ads tool, which lets you reach potential customers and gain more followers by choosing the goals, formats, and budget of your ads.


If you want to increase your visibility in the world’s largest business network, you can use LinkedIn Ads. A tool that allows you to create ads that appear to specific audiences on the platform. You can choose your own pricing and control your costs among many more.


To appear in Google, you can either buy ads through Ads, so-called search marketing (SEM), or also increase your visibility in their organic hit list through search engine optimization (SEO).
If you are interested in increasing your visibility and driving more traffic through purchased ads, use the Google Ads tool. A powerful tool that enables you to create a variety of ads such as:

  • Text ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Youtube

To create ads that appear on Youtube, you use Google Ads.

3. Create ads with the right specifications

All platforms have different specifications for how the ads should be designed. These can also vary from format to format. It is not uncommon for specifications to require:

  • How big the pictures may be
  • How long the videos may be
  • How long the texts may be

Creating ads that have the right specifications is usually a prerequisite for them to start showing, but it is also something that ensures that those exposed to your ads get the best possible impression.

Facebook advertising

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, all covered by different specifications:

  • video ads
  • Max 4 GB.
  • At least 1 second long.
  • Maximum 240 minutes long.
  • The recommended amount of text is 125 characters.
  • Aspect ratio must be 9:16 to 16: 9.
  • Image ads
  • Jpg or png format.
  • Images consisting of more than 20% text may have less visibility.
  • The recommended amount of text is 125 characters.
  • Use a heading that is a maximum of 25 characters.
  • Use a maximum of 90 characters.
  • There are many more possible ad formats available.

Instagram advertising

When creating an image ad for Instagram, keep in mind that:

  • Use images in jpg or png format.
  • Upload a high-quality image.
  • At least two lines of text must be displayed.

Snapchat advertising

To create an ad for Snapchat:

  • Use a 1080 x 1920 px image or movie.
  • Make sure the images are maximum of 5 MB and the movies are a maximum of 1 GB.
  • The length of the movie is between 3 and 180 seconds.

Twitter advertising

Like Facebook, Twitter offers a variety of formats on its ads. Below you will find some of them:

  • Text ads
  • Maximum 280 characters.
  • Image ads
  • Maximum 280 characters (now changed)
  • The image must be 800 x 418 px.
  • Must be in jpg or png format.
  • video ads
  • Must be in MP4 or MOV format.
  • File size must not exceed 1 GB.
  • The video title must not exceed 70 characters.

LinkedIn advertising

  • On LinkedIn, you can create a variety of ads, including text ads that fall within the following specifications:
  • A title that does not exceed 25 characters
  • A description that does not exceed 75 characters.

Google / Youtube

As mentioned earlier, Google offers a variety of options when it comes to ad formats and distribution paths. To learn more about these we recommend that you check out their help center.

I hope you now have more information on how to succeed with your internet marketing!

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