How to Succeed with Fcebook Advertising

Facebook is a better advertising tool than ever before. More people than ever are using Facebook.

You need to understand your target group, the advertising platform, and the customer journey in order to achieve long-term constant results with their campaigns.

In January this year, Mark Zuckerberg released the news that a new algorithm change would make it much more difficult for companies pages, brands, and media posts to get into the flow on Facebook. The range will be affected. The change was about a lot in the routines that many companies have acquired.

Your target audience is still there and the opportunity to reach them is still there. But more is needed to reach today, than before. Having followers on one page is not enough. It is also required that you are relevant, that your items create engagement, that is, liked, shared and commented on, and that you market or advertise your messages to your target audience. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the noise of messages that your customers are exposed to daily.

Marketing on Facebook

A post on the company’s Facebook page is exposed to an average of 9% of a page’s followers.

However, if the post is clicked on, liked, shared, or commented on, the algorithm notes the commitment, and immediately the post is exposed to more relevant individuals.

You could easily say that if you post something that is of interest to your followers, Facebook notes it and exposes the post to similar ones that have shown the engagement. Increasing engagement increases the reach and in this way something can go viral. The rule that you should follow is not posting for the sake of the post, but make sure to post relevant posts for your target audience. The space for exposure in the flow has become narrower.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is a better forum than anything before, to promote a business. But if you do not have relevant messages that engage your target audience, then you need to market the message to your target audience. Don’t know your target audience that you exist (don’t follow you on Facebook), you need to advertise your message through Facebook’s advertising tool found at

Relevant messages

Those who, on the other hand, have trouble competing with Facebook are the classic media agencies that sold ads on reach and impressions. Internationally, criticism of media agencies’ measurability has been severely criticized.

Clear campaign goals help the algorithm help advertisers. Teach Facebook that you just want to expose the message to potential buyers.
Facebook has a clarity that not many marketers are used to. On Facebook, you can optimize for example conversions such as buyers in e-commerce, visitors to stores, downloaded offers and pay per conversion. According to Facebook, the advertising cost should preferably also be paid from the advertising company’s advertising account. Instead of a media agency handling the entire cost, an agency instead has access to an advertising account, which gives the media buyer complete transparency.

Basically, all digital marketing campaigns are that there are only three target images:

  • Online Sales Online (Ecommerce)
  • Make visitors to the website an ‘interest inquiry’. (Lead generation)
  • Creating awareness (brand, product or service awareness)

The basis of all three is an insight into who it is who buys the company’s product or service, who is the target group, says Rikard Lindholm.

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