How to Hide Other People’s Stories on Instagram – Without Them Knowing

How to hide Other People’s Events on Instagram – Without Them knowing

Tired of plenty of cute kids and perfect holiday videos on Instagram? Here’s the smart feature that hides the Instagram Stories you can’t cope with – without anyone knowing.

Instagram recently removed an attention-grabbing feature where one could see when someone else has taken a screenshot of one’s story.

But while there are the accounts you want to see more from, we all know that there are also the people who make content that is really annoying. Too much family love, selfies, unattractive home fix. Yes, sometimes it can simply be too much.

But what can you do to avoid seeing content you don’t like without letting the people who post them know? Well, there is a feature that not everyone may know about that allows you to hide other people’s Stories – without the person in question getting a notification about it.

How to hide someone’s Instagram Story?

  1. At the top of the feed, tap and hold on the profile picture of the person whose event you want to hide.
  2. Select “Hide”.

Now, Stories that you have hidden will appear at the end of the “Stories feed” at the top without a colored ring around them when updated. Also, hidden stories are not automatically played when you watch Stories. You have therefore not stopped following the person and regular posts from the Instagram account will still be displayed.

So you do not have to see what you do not want to see and no one needs to be hurt that you do not want to see what they post on their social media. Win win!

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