Clever Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for Sales

Social media and especially LinkedIn is a great tool for salespeople. It can be used in more or less elaborate ways. Here are five tips that you can get started with right away that deliver results quickly.

Make contact

Make it a natural part of your sales work to add all potential customers you meet in different contexts. Also, make sure to list all former colleagues, acquaintances, and business contacts from previous work.

It is also possible to seek contact with people you have not met before. However, you should be restrictive with that. LinkedIn wants you to only contact people you know, it’s also a common tactic among sellers to add contacts in a spam-like way.
If you really want to get in touch with selected people, a contact request can work after some interaction, such as having visited your profile.

Share material

By sharing good material like articles and so on, you will show that you know your topic. It doesn’t have to be your own material but can be a relevant article where you add your own comment or brief analysis. Of course, own material is a strength. However, we are now in an area called Content Marketing.

If you share material, your contacts see your posts in their feed and noted in such a way that you have interesting things to share and at best they like or comment. This gives you the opportunity for both deeper contact and more contacts when your contacts’ contacts see your posts.


LinkedIn has several great features for finding new potential customers. Both free and payment solutions. The basic thing is to use only the search function and find potential customers. You can then save them to make contact or visit them again and interact in different ways.

With various payment solutions such as Inmail, you can contact people you do not know to make contact and in this way get a relationship for future business. Read more in “Prospecting – Look for the problem”.

Widen the contact network

Once you have a relationship and start a business, you need to broaden the contact network of the company in question. Then LinkedIn is a perfect tool for finding colleagues for your contact. It is then also easier to make contact by referring to your existing contact person.

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