5 Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on

5 Instagram Trends to Keep an Eye on

Instagram is a platform that is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest online trends. Marketing on Instagram has also been developed together with the platform. Each new feature provides something new to experiment with.

Here, we list some news to keep track of.

Many people choose to advertise on Instagram Stories

Many companies are moving their advertising from Facebook to Instagram Stories. And it is no wonder then that Stories is by far the biggest trend we have seen over the past year. The format is easy to work with and there are plenty of smart features that attract engagement.

IGTV is growing

Another phenomenon that is growing rapidly is precisely Instagram TV (IGTV) where companies have finally begun to discover the area of ​​use. Part of this has to do with improvements that Instagram has made with the sharing tool.

Users are now allowed to promote their IGTV videos on their Instagram feeds. Anyone on Instagram can create their own IGTV channel, where they can share longer videos with their followers.

Animations and cleaner graphics are increasing on Instagram Stories
Adding animation to Stories is a great way to create more enticing content. A real hot trend right now! There are lots of apps for Instagram Stories that make it easier than ever to add animations with just a few clicks!

Many are discovering Instagram SEO

Just as important to search optimize your website to be found on Google, you can actually also use SEO to more easily be found on Instagram. Here are some helpful tips:

– Optimize your username on Instagram.
The words in your username are searchable and act as a “keyword”.
– Also optimize your name on Instagram.
Your name is also searchable. Each word in your name also serves as an important keyword. It can be found in your Instagram bio.
– Optimize your images to attract more followers.
It should be easy to see what’s in your picture. Keep your images clean and of good quality. Because Instagram uses a technology called “image recognition” and this means that this technology can scan your image to find out what’s on it. The great thing about this technology is that it can help you grow on Instagram by showing your photos to people who already love that kind of content, but haven’t seen your account yet.
– ALT texts make your image searchable outside of Instagram.
Thanks to ALT text, your Instagram photos can now also have a life off the platform. They can appear in Google search results. The feature is fairly new on Instagram and not many people have discovered it yet. You can add the ALT text both when you publish your image or afterwards. You will find the function under (advanced settings) at the bottom when you publish your image. In the ALT text you describe what the picture is about.

The shopping channel is now directly on the explore page

Instagram makes a big step to facilitate shopping on the platform, which is good news for brands and companies. With the new shopping channel on the Explorer page, there is now room for users to shop from the brands they are following, as well as brands that they have not yet discovered! A fantastic idea!

Instagram is currently testing a new, better analytics platform to help companies grow. There is also news of a new feature called Promoted Stories, which will help increase Stories for maximum reach.

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