Top-Level Digital Marketing Trends for your Dominance in Online Space

Top-Level Digital Marketing Trends for your Dominance in Online Space

Do you want to dominate social media trends in 2021? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We will cover the latest digital marketing trends that can deliver your product-service sales into another level.

Voice search

Voice assistants are a great way to bring a brand closer to customers and become more friendly to them. Large Western companies have long used this technology to help customers navigate their products.

For example, pet food manufacturer Purina, with the support of an assistant from Amazon, launched the Ask Purina skill back in 2017. With it, you can ask Alexa for information about keeping pets. The well-known brand of anti-allergic drugs Zyrtec also became friends with an assistant from Amazon – with the help of their collaboration, you can quickly find out about the weather or the content of pollen in the air.

Considering that modern users love interactive content and appreciate it very much when a manufacturer takes care of them, this use of voice assistants can give a pretty good result for a company.

Research shows that when searching for voice, users tend to use the words “nearby”, “not far”, and so on. Therefore, if you have a local business, then first of all you should think about optimizing your site for voice search. It will also be very relevant for information sites, food delivery services, taxis, sites of cinemas, clubs, theaters, and other organizations for entertainment and leisure.

You know that you can ask Siri or Alexa how to get somewhere or ask to play a song, that is, we are talking about a simple search in the browser. But, as soon as it comes to shopping, for many people it is much more convenient to surf the sellers’ pages on their own. And, in fairness, on the store’s website, you won’t use voice search too much – you still need to click somewhere, scroll somewhere.

Companies need to adapt their sites and work with the developers of voice assistants so that the user can use them to open any tab and get to any corner of the online store. But this is a huge amount of work and budget.

Also, don’t forget how important customer habits are in this area. No matter how cool the voice assistant is, the consumer is more likely to use the way he is used to buying or searching. Plus, we know that voice recognition itself is still far from ideal.


Automation continues to gain momentum, but many companies have begun to pay more attention to the humanity of addressing the audience. The trend of automation in collaboration with humanism (“human” interaction with the audience) will grow in 2021.

Trust in the company

This trend did not begin to develop today or yesterday, but it will remain relevant in 2021. Companies now need to do what is in line with the values ​​of society, what is supported by its audience, for example, environmental protection. Today, this is definitely a trend that should be taken into account. Get people to talk about you.

It’s not just about the product itself, but about what you are doing useful for others in parallel with the production of your product. Think what it might be? Establish waste-free production in the company?

Or just put a box at the checkout to receive batteries for recycling? Even small “good” deeds can make your company a hero in the eyes of society. So become it! And remember, people will always trust the recommendations of their acquaintances the most, so make it so that people want to tell you about themselves.

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