How to Optimize Your Conversions

Conversion is about relevance: if you meet the needs of your potential customers, the page converts.

We optimize your website or webshop to get your visitors to do what you want them to do, a continuous process that is usually called conversion optimization or CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization.

CONVERT OPTIMIZATION – How to increase more sales and get more leads

Let’s take a simple example of what conversion optimization can do and how incredibly important it is: by increasing your conversion rate from 1% of visitors to 2%, your sales can increase 100%. By taking better care of the existing traffic on your site, you can thus greatly increase your sales without increasing the traffic. Good, isn’t it?

Conversion optimization is about testing all the small and big things you can do to increase engagement and the number of goals you have achieved on a website.

Thanks to our vast experience from hundreds of different companies in different industries, we have gained a broad understanding of the measures that usually have a big impact on conversion, but we have also learned that the most important thing is to continuously test to find which is right for every customer’s target group.

Conversion optimization of a page can mean adjusting navigation, images, colors, content, creating trust, simplifying flows, having clearer CTA (call to actions) and hundreds of other small and large adjustments that enhance the user experience and lead to more conversions. Since we create for people, it is a first step to observe and analyze behavior.

Based on this, we set up A / B tests, measure and analyze and test again. Since conversion requires constant adjustment, we work methodically in the process where we constantly have new experiments in progress.

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