To Build Your Networks on Social Media

4 tips for your company’s digital presence

Social media has more potential for your business than being a digital platform that you can access. To get further with your company’s social media, you can start building a social network.

We have compiled our best tips for creating a network around your business using social media.

There are many social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few), and it is time-consuming to be active on everyone.

Then it is important to know which target group you have, in order to then be able to find out which platform they are on. The first step is to collect information about your visitors and followers. A good tool for collecting statistics from website visitors is Google Analytics.

This in combination with Facebook’s own tool for statistics on business pages gives you a good basis for getting a picture of your target audience.

Create a two-way communication

The reason for building a social network around your company is to create a two-way communication between you and your customers.

Encourage dialogue and interaction; for example, ask questions and ask them to share pictures. Be sure to respond to all posts, comments and feedback coming from your visitors.

Respond to both positive and negative criticism with a nice and good response. It strengthens the customer relationship and can make a dissatisfied customer happy.

Give your customers something extra

In social media, it is positive to give your visitors something extra – something that is linked to your business, but is not a direct product or service. This may include recipes, inspiration, “how-to-do-it”, guides or the like.

Your customers (and potential customers) do not want to follow you to get more followers, but want to fill their flows with something they care about. Filling your account with something of interest to the visitor also facilitates two-way communication and networking – allowing you to gather around common interests.

Encourage the digital in the physical

Don’t forget to talk about your social media and what you can access there when you come in contact with customers in your store, office or similar. It can be done both in oral communication and in writing on a sign or note.

It does not have to be complicated, but is sufficient, for example: “Don’t forget to peek into Instagram, where we continuously post inspirational images and fun behind-the-scenes images.”


Working on social media is exciting, fun and rewarding. We hope you have provided tips and advice that will help you along the way.

Don’t forget that some social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) can be integrated so that your feed is visible on your website. Do you have your website with us? Feel free to contact us and we can help you connect your facebook and / or instagram feed to the website.

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