Result Generated by Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is hotter than ever and many e-retailers, brands and organizations are using it as a core in their digital marketing on a daily basis. We have all heard of the success stories such as Daniel Wellington and many others where the return on influencer marketing has been incredible. It’s a clear indication that influencer marketing has a clear upside – but exactly how is it going and what can you expect to do in social media collaborations with influencers?

1. Trust.

Let’s say you buy an ad in a daily newspaper that covers a full page. You submit the image you wish to use and are now waiting for a result.

A person in your target group grabs the newspaper during a subway trip and looks it up on the way to work and sees your ad and your message. You communicate “Buy our skin cream – it’s vegan and really good!”. Obviously you think it’s good – it’s your skin cream. It is in all likelihood really good, but the target audience does not expect you to ever claim anything else on the purchased advertising site.

Instead, say that you turn to an influential influencer who often tells about his skincare routine through videos on YouTube and quality photos on Instagram. Let’s say you settle for a collaboration in this influencer’s social media and the influencer himself may review your product and think. Unlike the purchased ad in the daily newspaper, this is the word of the influencer. The voice of the influencer. Influencer’s views. Not yours.

By using influencers in your digital marketing, you use someone else’s trust instead of your own trust in yourself. It’s called digital magic and is a historical success story!

2. Sales.

Just like all other marketing, the very essence of influencer marketing for you as an advertiser is, of course, that you want to see a positive result and increased sales. The better you match your target audience with the influencer’s target audience – the better results you will see. Measuring results through influencer marketing in sales-related figures is easy and is usually done through one of these two steps:

Unique and traceable discount codes. All this usually by tagging the discount codes with, for example, FIRSTNAME15 if one would like to give a 15% discount to the followers.

Traceable utm parameters. Works perfectly if you want to collaborate through blogs, Instagram Stories with the “swipe up” feature or YouTube.
We at Interlaced Influencers hope that the guide on what you as an advertiser may have in mind when working with influencers will help you in your digital success. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like help with your influencer marketing.

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