List of 10 Social Media Influencers on Twitter You Need To Know About

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Finding social media influencers to partner with as a brand is tough.

Well, finding influencers can be done in a heartbeat, but it’s about finding the right influencers which are suitable for your brand.

Sure, while the influencer marketing statistics prove that influencer marketing is tremendously effective in marketing, but the truth is that you’ll only be able to achieve the same influencer marketing results that you’re seeing other successful brands achieve if you follow a particular strategy and plan, and pay great attention to the things that help create a successful influencer campaign.

You cannot simply partner with someone who writes “influencer” in their bio, without looking further into things like which industry they are in, if they are genuine, if they have a true influence over people, what content they create, and so on.

The single most important part of running a successful influencer marketing campaign is the influencer you partner with. Think about it, if you spend tons of time developing a strategy for the campaign, plan on how you’re going to make it successful, and so on, and then it turns out the 200K followers of the influencer were all bought and fake, the campaign will still be a complete fiasco.

The punchline is that marketers identify finding suitable influencers as the single biggest challenge in influencer marketing, and it makes sense since there are so many things you need to think about and look at.

This is why I have compiled this list of 10 of the top influencers on Twitter that you need to know about, and I have identified them using the Veloce influencer directory, which allowed me to identify the top influencers in a matter of seconds.

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1. Becca Rose – @BeccaRoseTweets

 List of social media influencers

2. Shelby Church – @shelbychurch

List of social media influencers

3. Ashley Robertson – @theteacherdiva

Social media influencer list

4.Lily Melrose – @llymlrs

social media influencers

5. Lucy Williams – @Fashion_Me_Now

List of social media influencers

6. Kate – @TheGlowEdit

List of social media influencers

7. Paula Ordovás – @Peeptoes

Social media influencer list

8.Carly – @CarlyCristman

Free list of influencers

9. Courtney Trop – @Always_Judging

List of social media influencers

10. Damsel In Dior – @damselindior

Social media influencer list

Hope this list of social media influencers came in handy! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at!

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