Influencer Marketing Instagram – How to Maximize the Effect in 5 Steps!

Influencer Marketing Instagram – How to Maximize the Effect in 5 Steps!

Today, it is almost more the rule than the exception that part of a company’s marketing budget goes to Influencer marketing, and often via channels such as Instagram. And it’s not so strange, the influencer has often spent several years building up his trust capital. Of course you want to take part in that. Right now, it is perhaps Instagram that is the most relevant platform when it comes to influencer marketing.

Gone are the days when influencers were content with free products for a fee. Bianca Ingrosso has said that she charges up to SEK 200,000 for a single sponsored post on Instagram!

So how do you get the most out of your money?

1. Find the right influencer for your influencer marketing on Instagram

Using an influencer that your target audience trusts is a must.

Why not invest in microinfluencers (10,000 – 100,000 followers)?

They may be harder to find, but the advantage lies in the following. It may be small – but it is dedicated. You often feel a greater closeness to a smaller influencer and their followers interact more.

There are also financial strategies here. More often than not, the smaller players see their platform as a hobby rather than as a business that will generate big money.

2. Have a clear strategy from the beginning

Having a clear strategy around your influencer marketing and Instagram channel is just as important as having a strategy around everything else your company does. Instead of using an Instagram bot or any kind of tool, set goals from the beginning.

Is the goal to increase sales? Or to improve your site’s SEO through links? What ROI do you expect? If there are no formulated goals, it will be difficult to follow up and determine whether the campaign was successful.

3. Think long-term

An influencer campaign rarely yields results at once. What the influencer contributes is a stable relationship with his followers. This is the relationship you want to be a part of. Think long-term and you too have the opportunity to build trust.

4. Analyze the followers

Before a campaign on Instagram, make sure you take part of the statistics from the account. Why is it important to you? Well, because it allows you to see if the followers are genuine or purchased.

One way to do this is to see which CTR link in the cinema has. Also look at how the number of followers stands in relation to the account’s commitment. If you want to calculate an account’s commitment, you can do it according to the equation likes + comments / followers x 100.

5. Get help from an expert

Not everyone can be an expert, but we are. By collaborating with us, you maximize your chances of collaborating with the right influencer for your particular brand and product. In other words, you maximize to achieve your and your company’s desired results.

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