4 Smart Influencer Marketing Tips on YouTube

4 Smart Influencer Marketing Tips on YouTube

A big question that companies should ask themselves is how they can best market their brand. Capturing the attention of the right target group is easier said than done, as it is often about engaging the consumer and standing out in the crowd. As marketing on blogs has become increasingly popular, video blogging has also emerged. Blogs and other types of social media have become a big part of many people’s everyday lives. Social “video sites”, such as YouTube, have opened up the possibility, as bloggers, to express themselves in a completely new way – “Vlogging”!

1. Vlogging

Vlogging has become an increasingly common choice of marketing channel in many companies and studies show how marketing via video blogs is an easily accessible way to engage consumers, as well as an effective way to generate more potential customers. According to many marketers, “vlogging” is something all companies should embrace! Beatly has read an article written by Adam Hendle, to study how you as a company, in the best way, can think about a collaboration with an influencer on Youtube.

The most important thing with word-of-mouth marketing is to find the right influencers for your particular brand. The smartest thing is to find those who already use the brand and therefore, in a natural way, can market the products in their video posts. The last thing that can happen is that it feels glued and unnatural. Therefore, make sure that the influencer you choose loves your products and in this way, by just being yourself, conveys the right feeling to the viewers.

2. Employ on relevance, not followers

Furthermore, Hendle talks about the importance of the influencer fitting the brand well. When you hire an influencer for a campaign, the focus is on the person’s ability to reach the right target group, rather than many views. The trap some fall into, when focusing on many views, is that the message to the viewer goes unnoticed – something marketers dread!

3. Measure the result for your link

To easily see how well a campaign is going, it can be smart to create a “tracking link” for each influencer. By this, says Hendle, a link that leads back to the website or blog, in order to keep track of which influencers have been most effective and turn out to give the most results for the company. This is a very good trick, if nothing else for future campaigns!

4. Create titles that drive viewers

Come up with an eye-catching and interesting name for the video – something that both suits the company and is well connected with the selected influencer. This does not have to mean that the company’s name must be included, as the focus is on getting many impressions and, above all, reaching out to the right people. “Pressing” the company name into the campaign can, in some cases, seem forced and a bit convoluted. In addition, it can radiate a sense of clear “advertising”, rather than a recommendation of the influencer.

Vlogging creates conversations between vloggers and viewers as viewers, in general, feel a greater presence from a video and through it choose to comment and show engagement. According to Hendle, many potential customers turn to Youtube to discover products and get reviews and tips about the products. Furthermore, Hendle believes that people who are looking for a specific purchase tend to listen to people they trust, rather than traditional advertising.

We humans prefer to collect recommendations about products from people who are close to us or who we look up to. When this is not an option – we turn to Youtube.

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