3 Tips for Your Next Influencer Partnerships

3 tips for making collabs with influencers

Influencer marketing has grown vastly in the recent years, but how do you execute an influencer marketing strategy?

What should you think about and avoid? 

1. The right target group or wide range?

When you start working on influencer marketing and with influencers in social media, it can be tempting to buy an Instagram picture directly from the biggest influencers. It may work, but we recommend focusing on the profiles of the target groups in front of the number of followers. If your brand, your e-commerce or your product is primarily aimed at women with two children aged 3-6, then we recommend that you put your gun in this particular target group primarily. At an early stage it is a good idea to join a dedicated and interested target group who are happy to remain repeat customers. To then go through influencers with the exact target audience you use a trust that you do not have – but want, and will get.

Focus on the target group in front of the reach.

2. How to make collaboration easier?

If you want to do your research and understand how the marketing concept itself can go into concrete terms, then it is a good idea to start looking at who is shopping at you at the present time. They are most likely your target audience. Then start doing your research thoroughly through Instagram, blogs and YouTube channels to try to locate the right names whether they have 5,000 or 500,000 followers / readers / subscribers.

Take the help of professionals.

Do some thorough research on your own before you start working with influencers.

3. How do I measure the result?

When talking about the results of collabs in social media, there are a couple of different parameters to consider. Do you want to build a brand, sell a record number of products or climb the search engines? These three parameters are usually the primary reasons for working with influencers’ genome.

Measuring results and results around brand building is something difficult to take on, but not impossible. Is there more talk about your brand? More visitors to your Instagram and e-commerce site? More followers? Then you have succeeded.

Measuring results in sales through influencers is easy. The two most common ways to measure results are either through personal discount codes such as FIRST NAMES15 or using links in blog posts, Instagram biographies or YouTube clips that contain traceable UM parameters.

Measuring results in the form of your positions in the search engines requires first and foremost that you do not do collabs with Instagram profiles or YouTubers – without focusing on bloggers.

The result can be measured very easily by tracking how your positions develop through various SEO tools or simply using Google Search Console or Google Analytics. These tools give you the results black and white and you can often follow the results on a daily basis, even though search engine optimization is a long-term project and lies in the hands of other players – ie the search engines and its algorithms.

Use tools that are already available to track search engine results.

Use discount codes or traceable links for social media collabs.

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