5 reasons your iGaming site is not ranking in Sweden

Affiliate marketing in the casino niche (or iGaming niche) is huge pretty much everywhere, and so also in Sweden. But some big casino companies have trouble ranking their affiliate marketing pages in Sweden.

In this article, we’ll describe why that’s sometimes the case, and what you can do about it.

5 reasons your casino site is not ranking in Sweden

  1. Your website has too few Swedish links.
  2. Low quality content.
  3. Your website is too slow.
  4. Your website has a messy design.
  5. Your website is not optimized for mobiles.

Below, we’ll talk about the above-mentioned aspects in greater detail.

1. Your website doesn’t have enough Swedish links

Backlinks, which are also called “link juice” and “link power” is one of the biggest ranking factors out there. And if you want your iGaming site to succeed in Sweden, you’re going to need to go after those links. The most efficient way to get Swedish links is outright buying links from an SEO agency like SEO-texter.se.

2. Sub-par content

If you don’t speak or write in Swedish, it’s most likely hard to find a good content writer, and also make sure that the content you’re ordering is good enough. So, if you want to make sure that the content is good enough, we recommend that you consider ordering your texts from a reputable SEO agency.

3. Your website is slow

According to Google, an optimal load time for a website is “about 2 or 3 seconds or less”. If your website is slower than that, you’re likely losing visitors. So, make sure that your website is fast enough, preferably by using the tool Google Page Speed Insights.

With that tool, you’ll be able to find out what the exact load time is, and so also what you can do to decrease the load time. If you can’t solve the issues that the tool points out, please consider hiring a professional web developer.

4. Your website has a messy design

Swedes usually prefer clean websites, i.e., descriptive and minimalistic websites with less clutter and a lot of open space. To name an example; American websites are often very good-looking, but also often a bit too cluttered for the average swede. Hiring a web developer that has experience in making websites for the Swedish market is preferable.

5. Your website is not optimized for mobile

More than 90% of all internet searches are performed on a mobile device. So, it’s understandable that responsive design, i.e., mobile design is important. If you’re unsure if your website is optimized for mobile, please use Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test Tool” to make sure that it is.

And if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, contact an experienced web developer who has the required skill to fix issues regarding mobile responsiveness.

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