How To Make A Beautiful Instagram Feed?

Initially, making a beautiful feed on Instagram was all about filters but that is not the case nowadays. With brands, bloggers, and influencers, Instagram has reached the pinnacle of its popularity. The private Instagram viewers in this case help a lot to research about the marketplace. Now, a visually appealing feed is often enough to persuade Instagramers to click the “follow” icon.

The first nine photographs you see when you visit a page are essential. You’ve heard the phrase “initial impressions are everything.”

If you are looking to make your Instagram feed beautifully aesthetic, then we have a few easy ways for you. 

1. Decide a Theme

You need to have a theme or designs for your layout whether you’re a company, a local business, an influencer, a writer, or anything else. Don’t keep posting the same stuff day after day. Your audience will become tired of you and stop following your account. 

You should have a few subjects that you return to on a frequent basis that gives your account a personality and let your followers know what to anticipate from you. Quotes, clothing, espressos, cuisine, accessories – everything that matches with the idea you’re attempting to communicate – are all possibilities.

2. Select a Grid Arrangement

Your posts should be arranged aesthetically in a grid format in your feed. It assists in determining which photo should be placed next to which. To keep it simple, there should be consistency in the pictures that you post, be it through similar colors, themes, filters, etc. 

Alternatively, if you are a brand, you can use your logo colors to make your feed look relatable to your loyal customers.  

While you may be the type of blogger who enjoys single photographs lined out alongside your subject properly centered, some users prefer to change the composition of their photo and experiment with the arrangement.

3. Make Your Feed Color-Coordinated

Try incorporating some color into your visual planning strategy! Choosing an Instagram color theme isn’t as difficult as it may appear. Color-coordination ideas can be found on Pinterest and from some of your favorite feeds. When choosing colors that appeal to your users, keep the following in mind:

  • Choose the number of colors you would like to use. Some feeds use five colors, while others only have two or three!
  • Keep the background of your pictures in mind. Your color choices will most likely be influenced by the sort and location of images you take most frequently. If you frequently shoot beautiful seashore photos, for example, you might not want to use neon colors.
  • Use the same filter for each one of your images and bring your color palette out in each one!

4. Put Yourself in An Editor’s Shoes

You should begin thinking of your Instagram feed overall, rather than as a collection of individual posts.  When it comes to building a great Instagram feed, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The kinds of images or movies you’ll share
  • The precise arrangement of photographs in relation to one another, as well as ensuring that each post adheres to the style you develop 
  • Plan every post with respect to your theme, style, and layout because spur-of-the-moment photographs may be difficult to fit in

5. Add Visually Pleasing Photographs

While you may enjoy and appreciate the burger you ate for supper, your followers may not, particularly if you merely took a picture without considering the light, subject placement, or composition. 

Simply take some extra time to properly place your subject, clear any extraneous objects from the shot, double-check your lighting, and ensure that the camera’s angle flatters your subject. 

It’s worth experimenting with picture editing software to see which color schemes you love and which work best with your photos. Just make sure that your pictures help with increasing your engagement on Instagram. 

6. Rearrange Your Posts

You already have a plan in mind at this point and a general idea of what you want your feed to look like. Move your photographs around until you’re satisfied with the overall appearance of your feed. 

Categorize your images based on the colors, the subject, or setting, to keep your feed look balanced. Avoid placing similar pictures next to each other so that they don’t merge into each other.

You can go viral with Instagram views if you manage to get the right order of posts with good visuals. 

7. Create a Unique Look for Yourself 

Turn to create your own style for ideas for making your feed more attractive. Whether you use a professional camera or a smartphone, you must first figure out how you want to portray your images.

This ensures a consistent feed regardless of where you shoot your photos. It is not important how you snap or process your images if you want to improve the aesthetic of your Instagram. What is important is that you apply identical filters and adjustments to each shot to achieve the desired appearance!

You can use digital marketing tricks to promote your page and increase engagement organically. If your feed is aesthetically pleasing, those viewers will turn into your followers.

8. Check The Background of your Images

Make sure that you keep the background of your images clear of extra objects or subjects because that would help keep the attention of the viewers on the main subject of the image. If your goal is to capture the background, such as a cool picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, don’t let it detract from the main subject of your image. 

Alternatively, you can blur the background if you want to focus only on the subject or if the background has unwanted objects. 

9. Add a Border To Your Pictures

Borders are fantastic tools because they allow you to have more space between your photographs. They give your feed a breath of fresh air. They’re ideal for taking shots of a variety of objects in various hues. They’re ideal for instantly bringing your feed together. 

However, you might get carried away and wind up utilizing lots of new borders on your pictures. That can work in your favor sometimes but most of the time it doesn’t look cohesive. There is a simple fix to this problem: use the same border for every picture in your feed. This way all your pictures will be cohesive even if they are different in every other manner. 

10. Post High-Quality Pictures

This suggestion appears to be pointless but it will have an impact on the number of likes you receive. A high-resolution photograph appears crisp and appealing. It makes your viewers like the picture and go through your profile for more such photos. 

Make sure that you use the back camera of your phone to take pictures rather than the front camera because that will increase the quality of your images. 

11. Have Fun

The main point of creating a feed is to have fun because if you’re not having fun, then your feed won’t look fun. There is nothing wrong with trying something new because trends don’t create themselves. 

There’s always an initiator of the trend and the others simply follow. So, be a trendsetter with your own unique design of your feed.

5 Simple Steps To Create An Aesthetic For Your Brand

When potential buyers look at your company’s Instagram profile, the very first element they’ll see is your Instagram aesthetic. Here are some steps that will help your brand stand out aesthetically. 

Step 1: Create Your Personal Brand

Your Instagram aesthetic provides your followers a sense of what makes your company stand out without them having to scroll through your entire profile. As a result, identifying your brand is an important first step. 

You need to determine your target audience and then select a vibe that you want to create for your brand. 

Step 2: Select A Color Palette

When you are building a unique Instagram style for your brand, color is the most crucial factor. According to studies, color has an influence on customer purchasing decisions. Not only that, but color has been shown to improve brand recognition as well.  

Making the appropriate color choices for your Instagram posts might have a significant financial impact.

After you’ve chosen your colors, use them in your content. Even if the posts aren’t identical, a consistent color palette is visually pleasant and unifies your page.

Step 3: Use Editing

You’ve probably realized the impact of editing if you’ve seen an Instagram profile that appears to have all the correct elements but doesn’t really click. The most consistent Instagram looks will have a consistent editing approach. 

There’s no switching back and forth between dark, melancholy imagery and light, bright material. Everything looks like it has been created on the same day in the same light. 

Using presets to modify your photographs is the simplest approach to keep your Instagram style consistent.

Step 4: Plan Your Posts

Now that you’ve mastered your colors and editing, it’s time to plan your posts. Your Instagram feed should appear professional and the best way to do so is to lay it out properly.

When you set feed, you can see which posts work well together and which ones don’t. You’ll figure out where more of your brand’s prominent color and when a lighter-hued picture would be beneficial. This may appear to be a time-consuming process, but it can actually save your time and improve your overall appeal.

Step 5: Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Feed

You made it happen! You have a distinct and well-coordinated Instagram feed. But you can’t stop here. Consider what would happen if your favorite vegan salad shop included one meaty choice at random. 

Your viewers may question what’s up if you have a beautiful and steady Instagram feed but other elements aren’t that catchy. 

Start with creating post-worthy stories about your brand. Establish a stylebook once you’ve defined your Instagram look so you may return to it when making Stories. It will make it easier for anyone who publishes on your profile in the future to match your style and tone. 

Wrapping Up

Making a beautiful Instagram feed is no rocket science. But you need to dedicate your time and creativity to give an aesthetic appeal to your feed.

Try out various methods listed above, and figure out the best way to make your feed stand out amongst the plethora of accounts on Instagram.  

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