A Guide Using Hashtags on Instagram

A Guide Using Hashtags on Instagram

You’ve probably heard of hashtags on social media and Instagram – but what is it, and is it something your company should use in your Instagram posts?

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is simply this sign: “#”.

By typing the hashtag character next to a word, such as #happy, the post is added – i.e. the picture on Instagram – to the other pictures that are uploaded under the same hashtag. In other words, if someone clicks on a certain hashtag, you get a feed consisting of all the images uploaded with that particular one. The hashtags thus give your image a greater spread and the chances are greatly increased that more than your followers can see it. (Note that this only applies if you have an open and not private account.)

Hashtags can be used in a similar way on a number of social media sites (Twitter, Google+, Facebook), but it is on Instagram that they are the most popular and give the largest spread.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

See which hashtags your competitors are using – if you’re a beginner on Instagram, this is a great tip. Look for what your industry colleagues are doing and get inspired by them – often using the hashtags that give a big spread to your target audience.

Search for the word/topic/object that is on your image in the search box – a great way to get inspiration for which hashtags that fit your image. For example, if you are looking for Content Marketing, Instagram offers suggestions on similar topics that might be appropriate.

Create a unique hashtag for your company – this way all your images can be saved underneath and hopefully, your customers will be inspired to upload their own images during the hashtag. Make sure the hashtag is unique and includes your brand name nicely. An example is Coca-Cola which uses #Tastethefeeling. Under that hashtag, both they and their customers post pictures of their beverages.

See if your company is already mentioned in any hashtag – a great way to get inspiration and material into Instagram is often through your customers. It is not uncommon for customers to post pictures of newly purchased products and hashtag the company. Scout around – there is an existing hashtag so you can, of course, use it. Also, be sure to ask if you as a company can repost your customers’ pictures. A great way to avoid the stress of constantly creating new visuals. Content curation at its simplest.

Don’t use too many hashtags, it screams desperation and makes your posts look like spam. 30 is the maximum, but experiment with what works best for you.

Hashtags are the key to viral spread on Instagram, and also an effective tool to gain new followers. If you have not tried to include hashtags in your posts before, we suggest that you try the tips we have given above directly. If you have any thoughts, or own comments on this with hashtags, feel free to leave a comment below.

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