Tips to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Customers

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People around the world are connected with social media networks. These platforms have proven to be a highly effective marketing medium for a variety of businesses. Your target audience may be present on these channels, so your business profile should also be there. 

Many businesses are already focusing on increasing their followers on social media. Have you experienced any improvement in sales? When someone follows your social media page, it does not mean that he/she has become your customer. You have to put effort to lead him/her towards conversion. 

Social media channels are ideal to create brand awareness and attract a huge pool of customers to the business domain. According to statistics compiled by FME, social media manages 3.2 billion visual shares every day. Today we are going to discuss how you can turn your social media followers into customers. 

Be informed about your target audience

To get more from your social media following, you need to understand your audience’s needs. Identify their interests in things relevant to your product or niche. You need to create content for social media that is relevant and valuable to them, so most of them would gravitate towards your business.

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For instance, you are creating jewelry items that mostly attract teenage girls. Your social media campaigns should primarily focus on the interests of teenage girls. Make sure you are integrating amazing visuals with your social media posts to enhance their effectiveness. 

Be consistent and stay active

As you are focusing on creating top-notch social media posts for your target audience, make sure you are publishing constantly.  If it takes longer to hear from your business, most of the audiences stop interacting with it. 

Ensure you are active on these channels and are updating your social pages regularly. The daily social activity reflects an authentic brand image and you are willing to create a more authentic experience with your followers. 

If you are heading towards making more conversions, make sure you are replying to the user comments as well. The more personalized experience the users would have with your business, the more they will love to purchase from you. 

Examine your content

If you are on your way to connect with most of your potential audience on social media channels and driving them to make sales, try posting high-quality content. Keep in mind that you should not post the same content on all social media channels, instead, fabricate according to the nature of the platform and mindset of the audience. 

On a particular social media channel, analyze which of your content has performed well and engaged the maximum attention. What was the nature of that post, which subject or matter you have discussed or which information you have provided in that post?

Analyze, at which time of the day it is ideal to post your content? Where your followers reside? What is the average age of most of them? Try to post the content at that time when most of your followers are active on a particular social media channel.

The friend referral strategy

This strategy is long known by marketers and very effective until now. It features offering a reward to those who share the signup or any other link that drives a potential customer to the online business. The eCommerce merchants can integrate social sharing links by using Magento extensions like magento 2 refer a friend that allows setting up a referral reward system. On sharing productive links through this tool on social networks, you could accelerate eCommerce sales significantly.

Try paid advertisements

Assigning a part of your marketing budget for advertisements is an ideal way of creating hype in a short span of time. Now every other social media platform offers to create compelling ad posts to reach the right audience.  

If you are unsuccessful in engaging a number of followers through your regular social media posts, then try utilizing paid advertisements. You can have more user engagements, clicks and post views and can reach more target audience. 

When you fabricate paid advertisements for social media, try making them more effective by introducing offers, promotions or discounts in the content. This way it will be easy to convert more followers and acquire more leads. 

Offer seamless customer services on social media 

Nature and customer service and value are given to the users to assist them in making a decision about buying from a specific brand or not. If your customer service is outstanding, a huge targeted community would gravitate towards your business domain. 

It is observed that most of the consumers spend their time talking to the brands on social media. It is a perfect opportunity for businesses to build a loyal community of customers. Most of the customers who already have purchased from you would have queries that need to be resolved. 

Similarly, many would be willing to buy from you could have numerous product or brand-related questions to ask. As a business you can offer them outstanding customer service through your social media page can build customer’s trust and your business reputation will boost significantly.

Hire micro-influencers

Now one of the most common strategies being used by brands all around the world is working with the micro-influencers. These individuals are quite popular on social media channels and have a huge number of followers. 

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Unlike targeting those who are following your brand page, this strategy involves targeting a potential community that is following the influencer. The user engagement is usually high in adopting this method of brand promotion. An Edelman Trust Barometer special report finds that 63% of consumers trust what influencers say about brands over what brands say about themselves. In addition, 58% of consumers said they have bought a product in the past six months because of an influencer.

Final words

Besides offering effective ways of interaction and communication, social media channels are highly effective in giving brands a substantial exposure. People love to connect with their favorite brands. 

All you need to do is to keep on updating your followers with the high quality and relevant posts and be consistent in posting these. If you have not thought about creating your business post on social media channels, then it’s not too late to access social sharing channels that have a massive user community.

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