The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

Micro-influencer marketing is something that is increasing in popularity, as well as regular influencer marketing.

But do you know the difference between influencers and micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are individuals with a smaller following on social media, often up to 50K followers. You might be thinking “But more followers is better” but that is not always the case.have massive followings like other influencers, who have millions of followers. But they have the ability to generate higher levels of engagement with a relevant audience, which could give you more value for your money.

The results of influencers marketing are decided by the engagement of the influencer and nothing else. However, of course, you won’t generate very good results with 1 engaged follower, having an extremely engaged audience and 35K followers are much better than having 50K followers and a not so good engagement.

Because ultimately, what will decide the success of the marketing campaign is not how many people it reached, but how many people it impacted and affected to the point where they might become customers in the future.

What are micro-influencers?

Shortly summarized: While micro-influencers don’t have a huge audience, they have the ability to generate higher levels of engagement with a relevant audience, which could give you more value for your money.

Why influencers are starting to gain traction is because the influencer often has a great relationship with its followers, which means the micro-influencer has built a lot of trust and credibility, while doing it to an audience that is laser-targeted and interested in the influencer’s niche. And, best of all, they are extremely affordable. An average price per post for a micro-influencer is $50 which could give you a lot of exposure and ultimately conversions, however, all prices vary so take the mentioned number with a pinch of salt.

Why should you work with micro-influencers?

There are several benefits to why you should choose to work with micro-influencers instead of big influencers. Here are the most relevant:

  • Relevance

 While micro-influencers don’t have a very big following, they have often succeeded in building a reputation of being an expert in their niche. A thought leader and go-to source in other words.

This means that the followers of the influencer are extremely targeted and relevant to the micro-influencer’s niche, which is great for brands who are looking to target people in a particular niche. One might say that micro-influencers are doing a tremendous job in gathering all the people relevant to a niche in one place, and then helps the brand chat with this people and reach out to them. Compared to teaming up with someone from the Kardashians, partnering with a micro-influencer lets you reach only solely people who are your actual target audience.

  • Affordable

As mentioned above, micro-influencers are much more affordable than big influencers, so if you just work with several highly targeted micro-influencers, you can reach the same amount of people as you would if you would partner with one influencer with a big following, yet at a lower price. Shortly summarized, micro-influencer marketing means that you get more but pay less.

  • Credibility

A study by Experticity  found that 82% of consumers are highly likely to make a purchase decision based on a recommendation from a micro-influencer. This goes to show that people tend to trust recommendations from people who have a smaller following that they can have more genuine conversations with, than large influencers who don’t have time to engage with their followers in the same way.

  • Higher engagement

Yes, it’s proven. Micro-influencer generally has a higher engagement than large influencers, yet that isn’t very surprising, as the engagement rate don’t tend to grow at the same pace as the follower amount. However, as most influencers base their price on their followers,  taking advantage of the fact that micro-influencers might have a higher engagement rate than other larger influencers with a bigger following is a smart move. This means paying less for the same engagement (or better) to work with a micro-influencer with a high engagement, instead of working with an influencer with a big following and a lower engagement rate, with higher prices.

The choice is quite easy.

Presented below is The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing (Infographic).

So how do you find micro-influencers with a high engagement?

When looking for suitable micro-influencers, there are some important things you should have in mind. First of all, you have to look at relevance. Is the influencer suitable for your brand? Do they post things relevant to your niche? Do their core values alight with yours?

Secondly, you want to switch your focus from the follower amount to the engagement. Their engagement level is far more valuable and will have a much bigger impact than their follower amount. Because if they have a bunch of followers who don’t see the marketing post they share, what good will they do?

Lastly, it is time to find your influencer.

With all of these criteria, it might be difficult and a long hunt if you’re going to do it all by yourself, however, it doesn’t have to be.

All out influencers have 10K followers and up, and are carefully hand-picked to ensure you as good results as possible. We have only added influencers with the highest engagement, so those with low engagement have been denied access to out influencer directory. Simply filter influencer based on your criteria and then contact them asking for a partnership.

Finding suitable influencers who will run a laser-targeted marketing campaign has never been easier.

The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencer Marketing (Infographic)

Image courtesy of ShaneBarker.

Ultimate micro-influencer guide

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