7 Smart Ways to use Instagram for Your Business

No matter what industry you are in, Instagram can be a real power factor and boost your business. All it takes is a little creativity. The statistics are evident. Instagram is a great marketing tool.

Today, we thought we’d give you a few small tips in a variety of creative ways that you can update your Instagram feed. Mix these together to create an exciting flow and an interesting profile. With these 7 tips in your strategy, ideas will never run out for content on Instagram that generates results.

1. Put together a case study

Case studies are ways to reveal the results you obtained for a client. In marketing, a strong way to prove your worth and build credibility. With a bit of creativity, you can create micro-studies to achieve the same goals.

Case studies are a good way to show good results that you have succeeded in various customer projects. In your marketing, this is a strong and clear way to show what you are going for and to build credibility. With a little creativity, you can create micro-studies to achieve the same goals.

For example, you can take a picture of a customer and share a short text about how they do something.  You really need to work in the graphic industry to have lots to win on Instagram.

2. Take a look behind the scenes

Going behind the scenes is a natural curiosity we all have. We like seeing how things work and the process that goes into creating things. Whether you’re a manufacturer, woodworker, artist, or consultant, you can give a behind-the-scenes look.

A little peek behind the curtain is a natural curiosity that we all have. We want to see how things work and see how the process goes about creating new things. Whether you are a manufacturer, carpenter, artist, or consultant, there is always a “behind the scenes” that can give you new followers and engage them into what you do.

3. Filmed references from your customers

References or testimonials are a good and easy way to increase your social credibility and support your sales process. When you collect video references from your customers, take full advantage of them by sharing them on Instagram. To gain as much awareness as possible, use strategic hashtags to increase visibility and reach potential customers.

4. View your new office

It is always exciting to have a new or newly renovated office, whether you are alone, a fast-growing startup or a large company. Show where and how you work and how you get things done. It can be a physical office, a local cafe, or an office hotel.

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of all the great things happening in your business. Indirectly, showcase those parts of your business that communicate growth to potential customers.

Another way is to share progress during the development or construction of your new site. It is always fun to follow the work behind the scenes during the process.

5. Provide insight into your company culture

Company culture in all types of companies is always fascinating. If you have a fun team or project team that you work with, don’t be shy about showing off how awesome you are. Remember that all marketing is not about sales. It’s also about building your brand. Sometimes it also leads to sales, at other times it can be a tool to attract the best new employees to your company.

6. Introduce your new employees

Running a brand Instagram account can be faceless and boring, but it has to be. Put a face to the logo by sharing a bit about your employees. It will make the profile, and your brand, feel more welcoming and approachable.

Being responsible for your company’s Instagram account can be unassuming and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Put a face to the logo by sharing some information and exciting facts about your employees. It will make your profile and your brand feel more welcoming and nice.

7. Teach your followers something new

Find ways to teach your audience something new. This is why Facebook is full of life hacks and recipes. Instagram is different now. It is a great platform for learning interesting facts, tricks and methods to make life easier.

Finally, find new ways to teach your audience something new. There is a reason why Facebook is flooded with tips on so-called life-hacks. On Instagram, it is exactly the same. We are drawn to interesting facts, tricks, and methods to make life easier.

How do you use Instagram in your business?

The best social media platform is the one that both you and your target audience like to use. Since Instagram has more than a billion active users each month, we’re pretty sure you can find a handful of potential customers there.

So it’s up to you. Combine these creative tactics with genuine commitment with your target audience so you can build a winning engagement.

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