Youtube Marketing – 3 Benefits for You as a Business!

Youtube Marketing – 3 Benefits for You as a Business!

Everyone knows Youtube and most people use it. Every day, the world’s population watches Youtube for a total of 100,000 years (!) And that number rises every year. Youtube is the second most popular website in the world. The platform is considered a search engine and is the second most used after Google.

There is no denying that it is a good tool to be seen. But what can you as a company gain from being on Youtube and devoting yourself to Youtube marketing? Sit back and let’s present the benefits!

1. Your target audience is already there and streamlines your Youtube marketing

Of course, it is true that young people are overrepresented on Youtube. But the grandchildren actually live with their parents and grandfather, as as many as 88% of the population use the channel. This means that the older age groups are also on the platform. No matter what target group you target, they will be there.

By publishing content that gives your customers added value, you can get them to follow you. And this is important, so they choose to take part in your message. It will help you build the brand you want.

2. Content in the form of videos

For those of you who are interested in creating content that reaches the recipient, videos are the best tactic. It has been proven that film clips are what capture the recipient’s attention best.

When you create a movie for youtube, this can of course be reused in your other social channels to maximize the effect. The message in a video is easier for the recipient to absorb than in text form.

Using videos as a marketing tool also gives you a whole new opportunity to be creative and versatile.

3. Youtubers

For those who are still not attracted to the idea of ​​having their own in-house channel, collaboration with a Youtuber is a perfect alternative. They already have a following to which they can deliver your message.

However, be careful when choosing Youtuber – their followers should belong to your target audience. There is no need to waste your resources on people who are not potential customers.

A big plus with youtuber collaborations is that the youtuber’s brand will spread to your brand. You can simply take part in the positive dividend they have worked for a late start.

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